IKA™ R 1001 Paddle Stirrer

A stirring element especially for the mixing of small volumes. PROPELLER STIRRER IKA R1001 OVERHEAD LAB EGGS

IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Basic Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Incorporates extra technology including a powerful motor for a higher range of speeds and additional temperature control mode for faster heating of medium. IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer employs a high level of safety through improved heat control technology making it suitable for unsupervised operation. MAGNETIC HOTPLATE STIRRER IKA RCT BASIC DIGITAL,20L capacity (H2O) aluminium alloyplate, with

ETS-D5 Electronic Contact Thermometer

Ensures perfect temperature control without overshooting the set temperature, even in the case of quick heating. IKA™ ETS-D5 Electronic Contact Thermometer includes three patented operating modes to guarantee optimum adjustment to your working method. CONTACT THERMOMETER DIGITAL WITH STAINLESS STEELsensor and PID control 230-50V 60Hz 82mm (w) x

IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer

Stirs without heating. IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer has a ceramic plate chemically resistant to acids, bases, and solvents. MAGNETIC STIRRER IKA C-MAG MS 4 ANALOGUE UNHEATEDglass ceramic top stirring capacity 5L (H2O) 230V

IKA™ Ceramic Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Offers excellent chemical resistance with powerful motor for stirring quantities of 5, 10 or 15L. IKA™ Ceramic Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer includes exact temperature setting via digital display. Elevated control panel protects against leaking liquids. MAGNETIC HOTPLATE STIRRER IKA C-MAG HS 4 DIGITALglass ceramic top stirring capacity 5L (H2O) 230V

IKA™ C-MAG HS 7 Ceramic Plate Magnetic Stirrer Package

Includes an electronic contact thermometer, support rod, boss head clamp, and holding rod in addition to the C-MAG HS 7 magnetic stirrer. IKA™ C-MAG HS 7 Ceramic Plate Magnetic Stirrer Package includes all the parts necessary for heated magnetic stirring in one convenient kit. KIT MAGNET STIRRER 18CM C-MAG HS7, EU-Plug

IKA™ C 5010.3 Ignition Wire


IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer

Designed for synchronous stirring without heat. IKA™ Magnetic Stirrer includes magnetic coil technology to provide noiseless and consistent stirring on all positions. Speed remains constant, even when load changes. RO 10 MAGNETIC STIRRER

IKA™ C-MAG MS 7 Magnetic Stirrer

Use this magnetic stirrer without heating for a variety of applications. IKA™ C-MAG MS 7 Magnetic Stirrer features a ceramic set-up plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. MAGNETIC STIRRER IKA C-MAG MS 7 ANALOGUE UNHEATEDglass ceramic top stirring capacity 10L (H2O)

IKA™ EUROSTAR 20 Digital S2 UK Overhead Stirrer

Stirs up to 15 liters. IKA™ EUROSTAR 20 Digital SK UK Overhead Stirrer automatically adjusts shaft speed through microprocessor controlled technology, ensuring the designated speed is maintained even when the sample viscosity changes. Safety circuits ensure automatic cut off in the case of an anti-stall or in overload conditions. Overhead stirrer up to 15L, 30rpm to 2,000rpm

IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX™ T 18 Digital Disperser

Disperses volumes from 1 to 1500mL (H2O) with digital speed display. IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX&;trade; T 18 Digital Disperser offers a wide speed range from 3000 to 25,000 rpm that enables users to work at high circumferential speeds even with small rotor diameters. A broad choice of dispersing elements guarantees a wide range of applications. T 18 DIGITAL ULTRA-TURRAX┬« PACKAGE

IKA™ Loopster Digital

A digital rotator for smooth but effective mixing with adjustable speed, ideal for biological samples, particularly blood samples. LOOPSTER DIGITAL

IKA™ Digital Magnetic Stirring Hotplate

Choose from 3 operating modes – standard, safe, or adjustment protection. IKA™ Digital Magnetic Stirring Hotplate displays target and actual temperatures via LCD display. Direct connection for a PT 1000 temperature sensor enables precise temperature control. HOTPLATE STIRRER C-MAG HS4 DIGITAL

IKA™ H 38 Holding Rod

Use this holding rod with support rod H 16 V and a temperature sensor or ETS-D5/6 electronic contact thermometer. IKA™ H 38 Holding Rod fastens a temperature sensor or ETS-D5/6 with a boss head H 44 to the support rod H 16 V. HOLDING ROD FOR ETS-D5 AND ETS-D6 H38

IKA™ Basic 2D Rocker

A rocking shaker with adjustable speed for smooth, homogeneous mixing tasks in flasks, culture flasks, Petri dishes and tubes. ROCKER 2D BASIC

IKA™ Lab Disc Magnetic Stirrer

Ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, guaranteed with modern magnet coil technology. IKA™ Lab Disc Magnetic Stirrer features set-up plate and casing made from chemically resistant materials. MAGNETIC STIRRER LAB DISC WHITEultraflach

IKA™ Vortex Mixer Windshield

3611700 Frontscheibe MS 3 basic

IKA™ Stainless Steel Digital Magnetic Stirrer

Use these stirrers for quantities up to 150 liters (H2O). IKA™ Stainless Steel Digital Magnetic Stirrer features flat, sturdy stainless steel casing and a non-locking motor. STIRRER IKA MAGNETIC DIGITAL230V 50HZ FOR VOLUMESup to 150 litres speed range 0-600rpm MAXI-MR-1

IKA™ C 10 Acetobutyrate Capsules

C 10 Acetobutyrate Capsules (Pk/100)

Dispersing Element for IKA T-10 Homogenizers

Use this dispersing element with the IKA™ T-10 Homogenizers. IKA Dispersing Elements feature a quick-connect coupling that facilitates easy exchange of dispersing tool. DISPERSING TOOL S10N-10G MAX/MIN IMMERSION DEPTH20/100mm stainless steel 1 to 100mL working range

IKA™ Analytical Batch Mill

Grinds hard, brittle, soft and fibrous materials. IKA™ Analytical Batch Mill allows samples to be embrittled directly in the grinding chamber, tough, oily and aqueous samples can also be ground. Available models include the newly redesigned A 10 Basic and the A 11 Basic. Analytical mill 120mm x 225mm x 105mm A10 IKA

IKA™ C 723 Benzoic Acid


IKA™ Ceramic Glass Hotplate

Offers excellent chemical resistance with ceramic glass plate. IKA™Ceramic Glass Hotplate has a fixed safety circuit of 550°C with hot surface warning indicator to prevent burns. Hotplate IKA C-MAG HP 10 digital glass ceramictop 230V50-60Hz 300mm(w) x 415mm(d) x 105mm(h)

IKA™ Shaft for Ultra Turrax™

Shaft for Ultra Turrax T 18, S18N-19G

IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Designed for synchronous heating and stirring. IKA™ Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer employs magnetic coil technology to provide noiseless and consistent stirring on all positions. Surface temperature is adjustable up to 120°C. RT 15 MAGNETIC STIRRER

IKA Vortex 3 Shaker

IKA Vortex 3 Shaker suitable for short-time operation (touch function), activated by pressing shaker attachment or continuous operation. VORTEX SHAKER GENIUS 3Hub 4mm, Aufsatz VG 3.1, 230V

IKA™ Mixer Lab Dancer Vortex

Use this attractively designed, test tube shaker for mixing small test samples. IKA™ Lab Dancer Vortex is ideal for small containers up to 30mm in diameter such as test tubes, centrifuge tubes, Eppendorf beakers. MINI VORTEXER 2800 RPM LABDANCER

IKA™ Transmission Belt

Drive belt RO10 magnetic stirrer

IKA™ PT 1000.60 Stainless Steel/AISI 316 Ti Temperature Sensor

Use this temperature sensor for a variety of applications. IKA™ PT 1000.60 Stainless Steel/AISI 316 Ti Temperature Sensor is designed for use with RCT basic, RET basic and C-MAG HS digital series stirrers. PT1000 SENSOR FOR 3589Wbasic

IKA™ R 271 Boss Head Clamp

A specialized clamp with openings for the stands R 2722 and R 2723 as well as extensions with 16mm diameters. BOSSHEAD 16/34 MM R271