Tenak™ SlimTube™ Cryogenic Vials

Optimizes the capacity with 23.5% compared to conventional storage solutions. Tenak™ SlimTube™ Cryogenic Vials are the first of their kind with external thread to be stored in standard 10 x 10 cryoboxes. Cryogenic vials, SlimTube, 2ml, 12mm, Starbase freestanding, Print, Sterile

Tenak™ Stainless Steel Upright Freezer Racks for Cryogenic Boxes

Use Tenak™ Stainless Steel Upright Freezer Racks for Cryogenic Boxes for your cryogenic storage needs. A variety of stainless steel racks accommodate box heights and quantities for laboratory freezers. RACK FOR 2X5 = 10 BOXES 100MM HIGH, SS

Tenak™ Cardboard Cryoboxes

Combine Tenak™ Cardboard Cryoboxes with different grid inserts for tubes from 6 to 28.5mm in diameter. Available in many colors, the highly flexible;boxes can be used for larger laboratory containers when removing the grid. X36 CRYOBOX 50MM HIGH RED 133X133MM

Tenak™ Polypropylene Cryoboxes

Cryobox PP, 50 mm, Blue, 9 x 9 w/o printed codes

Tenak™ Stainless Steel Single Tray Rack for Upright Freezers

Designed for applications where the samples are either not stored in boxes or have odd sizes. Tenak™ Single Tray Racks for Upright Freezers can be used with all freezer brands. TRAY WIDE HXDXW 325x560x278MM, SS

Tenak™ Eco AluRack for Microtiter Plates

Providing different shelf heights depending on preference. Tenak™ Aluminum Eco AluRacks for Microtiter Plates can be used with all freezer models. RACK FOR 14 PLATES 45MM HIGH, ALU

Tenak™ Aluminum Eco AluRack for Chest Freezers

Providing a whole new way of making storage racks. Tenak™ Aluminum Eco AluRacks for Chest Freezers fit into any freezer and can be used with all standard cryoboxes. RACK FOR 15 BOXES 50MM HIGH, ALU