Balance Accessories

Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ Calibration Inserts

Bath insert for use with Ministat CALIBRATION BATH MINISTAT 4,9L

Sartorius™ Silencer Unit

For use with Sartorius safety weighing cabinets. Silencer for connection to the filter box

OHAUS™ Impact Printer Paper

For SF-42 printer. X2 Printer ribbon Ohaus for SF42 printer, Defender

Alfa Aesar™ Holder for Sample Tubes

For use with MKII Magnetic Susceptibility Balances Holder for sample tubes

Mettler Toledo™ Terminal Cover For XS/XA Series Analytical Balance

Terminal Cover For XS/XA Series Analytical Balances. COVER 11106870 TERMINAL

Top Loading Kit, for OHAUS™ Scout STX and SKX Precision Portable Balances

For use with Scout STX and SKX series Precision Portable Balances. Top loading kit for Density Determination Scout (new)

Ohaus™ Cord Set

Cord Set, 230 V ac, European Plug

Bluetooth Interface Kit, for OHAUS™ Scout STX and SKX Precision Portable Balances

For use with Scout STX and SKX series Precision Portable Balances. Bluetooth Interface Kit, Scout

Sartorius™ Accessories and Replacement Parts for Balances: Switches

For remote control Handtaster mit T-Stecker zur Auslösung von Printoder Tara

Sartorius™ Balance Density Determination Kits

Use with Sartorius™ balances to determine the density of solids and liquids DENSITY KIT FOR BALANCE LP/LA 1MG

Restek™ Replacement Batteries for Electronic Crimper and Decapper

New battery allows for faster charge cycle minimizing downtime Replacement battery Restek for electronic crimpers

Mettler Toledo™ Weighing Tweezers

Weight Tweezers 130MM, 1,200G, Bent

Alfa Aesar™ Ultra Thin-Bore Sample Tubes, 1mm ID, <3.98mm OD

For use with MKII Magnetic Susceptibility Balances X5 Ultra thin-bore sample tubes, 1mm ID, <3.98mm OD 5piecse

Sartorius™ Temperature Adjustment Set

For use with Sartorius MA series moisture balances. Temperature Adjustment Set

Mettler Toledo™ LabX™ Direct Balance Software

Increases the efficiency and accuracy of weighing applications. Fisher Scientific - Mettler Toledo LabX Direct Balance Software is an easy-to-use software designed to transfer data from one balance into an open application like an Excel™ spreadsheet. DIRECT SOFTWARE FOR ANALYTICAL, TOP PAN AND PORTABle balances Lab X

Fisherbrand™ Hygrometer Replacement Batteries

For use with Hygrometers REPLACEMENT BATTERY

OHAUS™ Bench Scales Computer Data Transfer Cables

Connects Link Champ General-Purpose Bench Scales to IBM-PC computers via standard RS-232-C. CABLE BALANCE OHAUS/PC DB9

Sartorius™ Glass Sinker

Glassenkkörper, geeicht 69Y01078

OHAUS™ Adapter Kit and RS232 Accessory for STP103 Printer for Balances

In use cover kit for easier cleaning. PRINTER CABLE FOR STP-103 PRINTER FOR TXXW,CKW55,CW11 kit 4

Ohaus™ Density Kit

Sinker glass density kit for liquids

Ohaus™ RAMP


Sartorius™ Display

Sartorius Display 69LA0053

Alfa Aesar™ Thin-Bore Sample Tube, 2mm ID

For use with MKII Magnetic Susceptibility Balances X5 Thin-Bore Sample Tube, 2mm ID 5piecse

Sampling Systems™ Standard Sampler Case

The Sampling Systems range of heavy duty cases are ideal for storing samplers. Standrad case

Ohaus™ Foot Plate Set


OHAUS™ Security Device for Pioneer™ and Explorer™ Series Balances

For use with Pioneer and Explorer series balances. SECURITY SYSTEM

Sartorius™ Interface Modules for Cubis Balances

For use with Cubis balances. PS2 interface for Cubis scales