Glass Beads, Stopcocks and Specialty Glass Labware

Anti-Bumping Granules, Extra Pure, Fused Alumina, SLR, Fisher Chemical

Added to liquids to make them boil more calmly. 1KG Anti-bumping granules, extra pure, fused alumina, SLR

PYREX™ Glass Wool

Strong, soft, pliable glass wool is ideal for general lab and industrial applications. Suitable for filtering. GLASS WOOL 8 MICRONS

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ FlexColumn™ Three-way Luer Stopcock

Heavy-duty nylon X10 Stopcock Kontes Flexcolumn, 3 way luer, two

Cole-Parmer™ 3-way Stopcock

Regulate flow without any leaking with these stopcocks. Cole-Parmer™ Three-Way Stopcocks feature a male luer lock, PC body and an HDPE stem. Handle rotates 180 degrees. X10 Stopcocks with Luer Connections, 3-way, malelock

Cole-Parmer™ Stopcocks with Luer Connections

Regulate flow without any leaking using these fittings. Cole-Parmer™ Stopcocks with Luer Connections are available with either a male luer lock or a male luer slip. X10 STOPCOCK 1-WAY MALE SLIP

Brand™ Borosilicate Gas Wash Bottles

Gas washbottle Drechsel tubing connect. 250ml NS 29/32 with filter disc por.P1

Brand™ Borosilicate Gas Wash Bottles

Gas washbottle Drechsel tubing connect.1000ml NS 29/32 without filter disc

Brand™ Borosilicate Gas Wash Bottles

Gas washbottle Drechsel tubing connect. 250ml NS 29/32 without filter disc

Azlon™ Spare Stopcock for Narrow Neck HDPE Aspirator

For use with narrow neck HDPE aspirator S/COCK FOR 20L + ASPIRATORS

GPE Scientific™ J Young In Line Taps, Fine Thread

GPE Scientific™ J Young In Line Taps, Fine Thread are made in various stopcock sizes and with various side arm diameters. J YOUNG HIGH VACUUM GREASELESS STOPCOCK, IN LINE,6MM STOPCOCK SIZE, FINE THREAD, SIDE ARM OD: 9MM

ACROS Organics™ Glass Wool

Filter aid 1KG Glass wool

Kimberly-Clark™ Z-Folded Hand Towels

Perfect for high traffic areas, consistent quality at an affordable price. Kimberly-Clark™ Z-Folded Hand Towels have a clever Z-Fold design to prevent ripping and reduce waste. X20 Handtuch, grün, 1lagig, 25x23cm, Krepp,Zick-Zack-Faltung, (20x230 Tücher)

Duran™ Essay Drechsel

Duran™ glass features good thermal shock and chemical resistance. DURAN Drechsel bottle head with filter disc,porosity 1

Duran™ Gas Washing Bottle

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Gas Washing Bottle is used with gaseous mediums. DURAN Gas washing bottle with Drechsel bottle head, but without filter disc, 500ML

Azlon™ Spare Stopcock for Acrylic Burettes

For use with Class B Acrylic Burettes with PMP/PE stopcocks TARSONS STOPCOCK 50ML BURETTE, 1/CSSWQ030TAR

Buerkle™ Plastic Two-Way Valve

Two and three-way valves are used for transfer of liquids or gases in order to release the flow, to block it or to change its direction. VENTIL 2-WEGE, PE, 11 - 13 MM, 8 MM

IKA™ Glass Balls

Measures 6mm in diameter. IKA&trade Glass Balls are for use with BMT Tubes. GLASSBEADS (SILIBEADS) 250G 6MM(250 g)

Hecht Karl™ Glass Balls

Made of clear, polished glass. Karl Hecht™ Glass Balls can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads or for distillation columns. GLASS BALL DIAM 2 MM 1 KG

Thermo Scientific™ Spectrophotometer Test-tube Cuvettes

Thermo Scientific™ Test-Tube Cuvettes are easy-to-use, inexpensive spectrophotometer cells for routine analyses. X12 CELL TEST TUBE VIS ?INCH PATH

Cole-Parmer™ PFA Stopcock

Stopcock with Compression Fittings 1/4"

ACROS Organics™ Glass Beads, 500 to 750um

500GR Glass beads, 500-750 micron

ACROS Organics™ Boiling stones, for preparative work

For preparative work 250GR Boiling stones, for preparative work

Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

10GR Quartz wool, fine

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Stopcocks

Develop in-house fluid transfer systems for accurate filling or dispensing. These stopcocks provide reliable, accurate liquid flow control. STOPCOCK 2-WAY PP/PTFE 6,4-8MM ID

Alfa Aesar™ Flow Cell

Accessory for use with MKII Magnetic Susceptibility Balance Flow Cell

Cole-Parmer™ 4-Way Male Lock Stopcocks


Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

10GR Quartz wool, coarse, 9-30 micron

Oakton™ Glass Beads for Mills

Suitable glass beads for the mini-BeedBeater™ Mill. Cole-Parmer™ Glass Beads for Mills are used to crush and separate small samples from bone to microbial spores. Mini Bead Beater Glass Mill Beads, 1.0mm

Cole-Parmer™ 1-Way Male Slip Stopcock