Glass Beads, Stopcocks and Specialty Glass Labware

Anti-Bumping Granules, Extra Pure, Fused Alumina, SLR, Fisher Chemical

Added to liquids to make them boil more calmly. 1KG Anti-bumping granules, extra pure, fused alumina, SLR

ACROS Organics™ Glass Wool

Filter aid 50GR Glass wool

Azpack™ Quartz Wool

Filter acids and hot gases or use as a stopper for combustion tubes. Azpack™ Quartz Wool can be exposed to temperatures up to 1050°C. 10 GR QUARTZ WOOL,FOR FILTRATION 4µM (PACK OF 10G)

Saint-Gobain™ Chemware™ PTFE Boiling Stones

Use these PTFE chips to promote gentle, efficient boiling and help prevent overheating of highly volatile liquids. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PTFE Boiling Stones are not affected by acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalis. BOILING STONES PTFE SOLID

Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Dreschel Bottle

Manufactured from borosilicate glass for corrosion-free performance. Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Dreschel Bottles provide an inexpensive method for washing or drying gases. The robust, durable construction guards against accidental breakage. Bottle Dreschel borosilicate glass 500mL 24/29 socket

Borosilicate Glass Sphere

250 ML Sphere for distillation columns borosilicat

Buerkle™ HDPE Hose Tubing Stopcock with Two-Sided Hose Nozzle

Resists acids and chemicals. Buerkle™ HDPE Hose Tubing Stopcock with Two-sided Nozzle can withstand pressure up to 0.3 bar. Hose Valve, HDPE, Ø 9-11 mm, NW 7 mm, length 85mm

Kartell™ Plastilab™ Straight-Bored Stopcocks

Designed for liquids and gases under low pressure or low vacuum. interception taps ø16mm PP HDPE

Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

10GR Quartz wool, coarse, 9-30 micron

Quickfit Jointed Ware™ Borosilicate Glass Florentine Flask

SciLabWare™ Quickfit Jointed Ware™ Borosilicate Glass Florentine Flask is ideal for use with rotary evaporators. Flask, round bottomed, borosilicate glass, 29/32,2L

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ FlexColumn™ Three-way Luer Stopcock

Heavy-duty nylon X10 Stopcock Kontes Flexcolumn, 3 way luer, two

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Replacement Stopcocks

Polypropylene body has Teflon™ PTFE plug, washer and bright red handle STOPCOCK, PP, TEFLON, DESICCATOR

Duran™ Essay Drechsel

Duran™ glass features good thermal shock and chemical resistance. DURAN Drechsel bottle head, plain, without filterdisc

Allihn Condenser with Ground Cone and Socket

Ideal for reflux applications. CONDENSER ALLIHN 250MM 24/29

Cole-Parmer™ Glass Beads for Mills


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Three-way Stopcock

Experience in-house fluid transfer system flexibility with this three-way stopcock, arranged in a T-shape to simply any two — or all three — arms of the stopcock with ease. X4 STOPCOCK 3-W PP/PTFE 6,4-8MM ID

Duran™ Gas Washing Bottle

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Gas Washing Bottle is used with gaseous mediums. DURAN Gas washing bottle base, 250ML

Buerkle™ Plastic Two-Way Valve

Two and three-way valves are used for transfer of liquids or gases in order to release the flow, to block it or to change its direction. VENTIL 2-WEGE, PE, 11 - 13 MM, 8 MM

Hecht Karl™ Glass Balls

Made of clear, polished glass. Karl Hecht™ Glass Balls can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads or for distillation columns. GLASS BALL DIAM 2 MM 1 KG

Quickfit™ Air Condensers

Simple condensers for condensation of materials with boiling points above 150°C. AIR CONDENSER 150MM 19/26

Buerkle™ Plastic Three-Way Valve

Excellent for industrial use. VENTIL 3-WEGE, PE, 11 - 13 MM, 8 MM

Duran™ Fritted Gas Washing Bottle

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Fritted Gas Washing Bottle features a standard ground joint. DURAN Gas washing bottle, head with fritted disc with standard ground joint, 45/40, 250ML

Retsch™ Glass Beads for Mills

For use with Retsch MM 200 Mixer Mills. 500GR RETSCH GLASS BEADS 0.5-0.75MM DIAMETERL. SCREW TOP DESIGN

Azlon™ Spare Stopcock for Narrow Neck HDPE Aspirator

For use with narrow neck HDPE aspirator Tap, SWQ016 for carboy 5/10L

Witeg™ Glass Beads

Use Witeg™ Glass Beads as distillation column packing, mixing beads, and boiling stones. 1540002 Glasperlen 1,5-2mm 1kg

Pyrex Labware™ Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Wide Neck Reaction Flask

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. Pyrex Labware™ Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Wide Neck Reaction Flask's wide neck allows easy incorporation of stirrer paddles and easy removal of solid residues. X5 QUICKFIT REACTION FLASK, WIDE NECK, 100 MM FLAT FLANGE, 6000 ML, SPHERICAL SHAPE

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Reaction Vessel

Made of borosilicate glass. DURAN™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Flange Reaction Vessel is essential for many laboratory functions. DURAN Reaction vessel, flat flange, with groove, for vacuum use, DN 150, 10L

Quickfit™ Allihn Condenser with Ground Cone

Ideal for reflux applications. Condenser Allihn borosilicate glass 250mm effective length, 335mm overall length 34/35 cone

Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass Aspirator Stopcock with Ground Cone

Inserts into the ground glass side-socket of an aspirator botte. Pyrex™ Borosilicate Glass Aspirator Stopcock with Ground Cone provides a leakproof seal. Stopcock aspirator Rotaflo borosilicate glass PTFE key 3mm