Furniture, Storage, Casework, Carts and Hoods

GE Healthcare Benchkote™-oppervlaktebescherming

Prevent many common sources of laboratory contamination, such as those involving hazardous materials on shared workspace benches. Whatman™ Benchkote Plus bench liner can also help with the disposal of hazardous materials. X50 BenchkotePlus vel Whatman 50x60cm

Alpha Packaging™ Inlay Aluminum Carton

Use Alpha Packaging™ Inlay Aluminum Carton Inlay alu/carton for closure DIN55

Blanco™ Serving Trolley

Use for transport, temporary storage and stocking. Blanco™ Serving Trolley features an extra sturdy design and high-quality stainless steel for sturdy transportation of everything loaded onto them. They are light and easy to maneuver, with corrosion-resistant synthetic steering castors. ROLWAGEN UIT INOX 2 LEGGERS

Metro™ Stainless Laboratory Worktable Accessory, Swing Arm for Monitor

Surface mount swingarm attachment for holding flat monitor Surface Mounit Swing Arm - LTFMA

Cole-Parmer™ Roestvrijstalen trolley

Use these durable utility carts for a variety of general laboratory storage and transportation. Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Utility Cart fabricated from a tough, high-density polyethylene and provide an excellent chemical resistance to most substances, including most acids and bases. TROLLEY HDPE AND STEEL ON SWIVEL CASTERS SLATEshelf: 832mm x 546mm, overall height 1041mm

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ LabMat™-tafelbescherming

Vereenvoudig de schoonmaak en bescherm werkoppervlakken tegen vlekken, morsen en slijtage. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ LabMat™-tafelbeschermingen kunnen worden opgerold en weggegooid na besmetting. BESCHERMING OPPERVL. BIOHAZARD LAB

Metro™ Stainless Lab Worktable, Black Phenolic Top and 3-Sided Frame

Protect your workers in the laboratory. Metro Stainless Lab Worktable helps to keep them safe with a phenolic top and corrosion-proof, stainless steel construction throughout the body. Wktbl-Black Resin Metro - LTSM60UPB

Metro™ Super Erecta™ accessoires voor draadrekken, zwenkwiel met stift

Choose from various types of casters to match your corrosion resistance needs Swivel Stem Caster-Polurethane - 5MPGSA

Metro™ MW100 Series Utility Carts


GE Healthcare Benchkote™-oppervlaktebescherming

Minimaliseer rommel en besmetting bij morsen. Whatman™ Benchkote-materiaal heeft een hoogwaardige, gladde, absorberende laboratoriumpapierlaag die gemorste vloeistof opneemt. Een tweede, gelamineerde, polyethyleen laag voorkomt doorsijpelen naar het werkoppervlak. X100 BENCHKOTE SHT.46X57CM/100/PK

Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ Table Stand

For controller Pilot ONE and CC-Pilot TABLE STAND FOR 'CC-PILOT'

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Acryl Parafilm™ dispenser

Securely hold rolls for easy dispensing with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Acrylic Parafilm™ Dispenser. Parafilm Dispenser,Acryl (st) >ZVS DL|

Fisherbrand™ Dispenser Box Top for Parafilm™ M

The Box Top Dispenser is an easy application with no mess. Box Top Parafilm Dispenser, Natural

Fisherbrand™ Acryl Parafilm-dispenser

Bewaar, doseer en snijd afdichtingsfolie. Fisherbrand™ Acrylic Parafilm™-dispenser heeft een gekarteld snijblad om gemakkelijk folie te snijden. Stevige dispenser kan rollen van 50 mm of 100mm bevatten zonder uw werkruimte vol te zetten. Dankzij de heldere zijden is het eenvoudig om het voorraadniveau te controleren. DISPENSER PARAFILM ACRYLIC119mm x 168mmx 175mm

Fisherbrand™ Oppervlaktebeschermingspapier, klasse 604

Designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper guards against damage from acids, toxic, corrosive and radioactive fluids and impacts. Absorberend Papier 46cm X 57cm

Cole-Parmer™ Rubbermaid Flat Shelf Cart

Ideal cart for general factory, health care, retail, food service, or office use. Cole-Parmer™ Rubbermaid Flat Shelf Cart features large, non-marking casters that glide easily on hard surfaces. CHARIOT DEUX PLATEAUX

Whatman™ Benchkote™-oppervlaktebeschermingsdoekjes

Absorberend laboratoriumpapier dat oppervlakken beschermt tegen morsen van gevaarlijke stoffen. Na gebruik wordt de werkbladbeschermer verbrand of afgevoerd volgens lokale voorschriften. Benchkote-oppervlaktebeschermer voorkomt rommel en besmetting bij morsen. X50 Benchkote vel Whatman 46x57cm

Micronova™ Contactloze dispenser en zeep

Combines touch-free dispensing with no-hassle installation and easy change out of bottles 500 ML Cleanser, Hy-G-Clenz anti-bacterial lotionsoap, blend of .3% Triclosan and natural emollient

Metro™ Super Erecta™ Wire Shelf, Metroseal 3 with Microban™ Finish

Configure your lab storage as needed. Metro Super Erecta Wire Shelves are easily adjustable and the Metroseal 3 green epoxy with Microban finish means they are easy to keep clean. Shelves are for use with Metro Super Erecta shelving systems. Metroseal3 Sa Wire Shelves 30X14 - 1430NK3

Metro™ Starsys™ Undercounter Unit

Contains black phenolic island countertop (no backsplash) Cart,Mobile,Starsys,Undercounit - SXRMWS29TS2

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Super Versi-Dry™-oppervlaktebeschermers

Absorb spills and cushion breakable items with long-lasting, waterproof, skid-resistant and chemical resistant Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Super Versi-Dry™ Surface Protectors. X100 Versi-Dry Super Fume-Hood 457mmx508mm

Fisherbrand™ Absorbent Underpads

High-absorbency fibers soak up spills. X125 ABSORBENT UNDERP 51X91CM

Fisherbrand™ Floor Mats

Helps prevent fatigue when standing for long durations. Mat non slip dychem polymeric compound 100 x 100mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Versi-Dry™ Surface Protectors

Quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware with these surface protectors. The polyethylene backing protects the benchtop from the harshest of chemicals. X2 Versi-Dry Standard Rol 508mmx45.72m

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ BenchGuard

Protect benches and other surfaces against liquid spills with the highly absorbent Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ BenchGuard. BENCHGUARD STAND 60X49CM

Fisherbrand™ Oppervlaktebeschermingspapier, klasse 604

Ontworpen om laboratoriumoppervlakken te beschermen tegen gemorste gevaarlijke stoffen. Fisherbrand™ oppervlaktebeschermingspapier, klasse 604, beschermt tegen schade door en invloed van zuren en toxische, corrosieve en radioactieve vloeistoffen. Rol Absorberend Papier 92CM X 50M

Fisherbrand™ ABS-kunststof parafilmdispenser

Cuts and dispenses film safely. Fisherbrand™ Parafilm™ Sealing Film Dispenser is supplied with two safety razor cutting blades. RODE VERDEELDOOS VOOR PARAFILM

Fisherbrand™ ABS Plastic Blade

Replaces worn safety blade. Fisherbrand™ ABS Plastic Blade cuts sealing film without danger to fingers once properly installed in a sealing film dispenser. X5 Blade Heathrow Scientific spare for ABS Parafil

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Foldup Cart

Fisherbrand Aluminum Foldup Cart lets you move heavy lab equipment, chemicals, drums, and cases of glassware with ease. Aluminum Fold-Up Cart