Protein Extraction and Purification

Sartorius™ Claristep™ Filter, 0.2μm

Make light work of a tedious task. Use Claristep™ filter units to remove particles from samples prior to analytics. The filters are suitable for small sample volumes of 60 to 600μL and are used without syringe. Syringeless filters and simple manual processing simplify sample clarification. X96 Claristep Syringeless Filter, 0.2 µm Regenerated Cellulose

Macherey-Nagel™ NucleoSpin™ RNA/Protein Column

Isolate RNA and protein from undivided samples. Macherey Nagel™ NucleoSpin™ RNA/Protein Column Set solves the problem of extracting both protein and RNA from the same sample in parallel 1 SET NUCLEOSPIN RNA/PROTEIN, 250 PREP, ISOLATIONtotal RNA/protein from one lysate, buffer RP1,

Fisher Bioreagents™ Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III

1 ML Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III for Mammalian

Sartorius™ Vivapure™ miniprep A / G spin columns

Centrifugal units with Protein A or Protein G resin for fast affinity purification of antibodies from small samples up to 0.65 ml. VIVAPURE MINIPREP-G KIT16

GE Healthcare His GraviTrap™ Columns

Use for purification of histidine-tagged proteins using gravity flow. His GraviTrap™ Columns enable fast and simple purification. X10 HIS GRAVITRAP

GE Healthcare Tricorn™ Superdex™ Prepacked Gel Filtration Columns

Use for laboratory-scale separations and intermediate purification based on different sizes of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™Tricorn™ Superdex™ Prepacked Gel Filtration Columns are perfect for high-resolution applications. SUPERDEX 75 5/150 GL

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS), White Powder, Electrophoresis, Fisher BioReagents™

CAS: 151-21-3 Molecular Formula: C12H25NaO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 288.378 InChI Key: DBMJMQXJHONAFJ-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SDS PubChem CID: 3423265 ChEBI: CHEBI:8984 IUPAC Name: sodium;dodecyl sulfate SMILES: CCCCCCCCCCCCOS(=O)(=O)[O-].[Na+] 5KG Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS), Electrophoresis(White Powder), (as Fatty Alcohol Sulfate):

Fisher Bioreagents™ Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III, Animal Free (For Mammalian Cells)

Supplied in 1mL DMSO. Fisher Bioreagents Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III, Animal Free (For Mammalian Cells) is a mixture of six protease inhibitors for use in applications that require animal free reagents. 1 ML Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III Animal Free

Merck™ Novagen™ BugBuster™ Master Mix

Allows for recovery of active soluble protein from bacteria. 100ml BugBuster Master Mix

Thermo Scientific™ Subcellular Protein Fractionation Kit for Tissues

Subcellular Protein Fractionation Kit for Tissues SUBCELLULAR FRACTION TISSUES 115ML

GE Healthcare Sephadex™ Ion Exchange Media

Separate molecules over broad molecular weight and pH ranges DEAE-SEPHADEX A-50 100 G

Merck™ Bugbuster™ Master Mix

Conveniently combined extraction reagents in a single solution. MilliporeSigma™; Bugbuster™ Master Mix allows for maximum recovery of active soluble protein from both Gram-negative/Gram-positive bacteria. 500ML BugBuster Master Mix

GE Healthcare HisTrap™ FF Columns: 16 × 25mm

Use for optimized purification of histidine-tagged proteins directly from homogenized, unclarified cells by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC). GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ HisTrap™ FF Columns: 16 × 25mm is a ready-to-use column, prepacked with precharged Ni Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow. X5 HISTRAP FAST FLOW 1ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Disposable Plastic Columns

Empty drip columns (0.5 to 5 mL) with matching frits and caps for packing beaded affinity or desalting resins to use in gravity-flow purification techniques. COLUMN PIERCE PLUS 2 EACH OF PN29920, PN29922,PN29924 and 1 of PN29923 (trial pack) disposable

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Protein A/G Agarose and Kits

Affinity purify antibodies (IgG) with versatile, recombinant Protein A/G agarose offered in bottles, spin columns, filter plates and complete purification kits. NAB PROTEIN A/G SPIN COLUMN 0,2ML

Thermo Scientific™ SulfoLink™ Coupling Resins and Immobilization Kits

Covalently immobilize cysteine-peptides or proteins (sulfhydryl-ligands) for affinity purification using iodoacetyl-activated agarose beads and columns. 10 ML SULFOLINK COUPLING GEL 10ML 4C,ROOM TEMPERATure Store in Fridge at 4C

GE Healthcare GST Gene Fusion System pGEX Vectors

Designed for inducible, high-level intracellular expression of genes or gene fragments as fusions with Schistosoma japonicum GST 25 UL PGEX-6P-3 VECTOR 25µL STORE AT -20°C

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ N-PER™ Neuronal Protein Extraction Reagent

Collect proteins from all cellular compartments of neuronal tissue and primary cultured neurons with this proprietary, neuronal-specific cell lysis reagent. N-PER NEURONAL PROT EXTRAC REAGENT 100ML

Thermo Scientific™ T-PER™ Tissue Protein Extraction Reagent

Extract total protein from tissue samples using this mild cell lysis and extraction reagent developed specifically for tissues. 500 ML TISSUE PROTEIN EXTRACTION REAGENT, T-PER500mL

J.T. Baker™ Triton™ X100

BAKER grade laboratory reagent, packaged in a glass bottle. 500ML Triton X100 BAKER

Thermo Scientific™ Mem-PER™ Plus Membrane Protein Extraction Kit

Perform small-scale solubilization and enrichment of integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins in a simple reagent-based procedure. MEM-PER PLUS KIT, GOOD FOR 50 REACTIONS, 1 KIT

Thermo Scientific™ P-PER™ Plant Protein Extraction Kit

Effectively extract protein from all kinds of dry and fresh plant tissue without liquid nitrogen using this plant cell-optimized kit. 1 SET P-PER PLANT PROTEIN EXTRACTIO

Merck™ Biomax™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Discs

Recommended for concentrating or desalting higher volumes of more concentrated samples such as serum, plasma, or conditioned tissue culture media. MilliporeSigma™ Biomax Ultrafiltration Membrane Discs are compatible with Amicon™ Stirred Cells. X10 B300K 44.5MM HIGH FLUX

GE Healthcare PD MidiTrap™ G-10

Cleanup biological samples, such as peptides, small proteins, and oligosaccharides.  GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PD MidiTrap™ G-10 offers fast desalting and efficient removal of contaminants such as salts, dyes, and radioactive labels. X50 PD MIDITRAP G-10, COLUMN 00 STORE AT AMBIENT

Thermo Scientific™ Subcellular Protein Fractionation Kit for Cultured Cells

Enrich for cultured cell-specific cytoplasmic, membrane, nuclear soluble, chromatin-bound and cytoskeletal proteins in less than 3 hours. SUBCELLULAR PROTEIN FRACTIONATION

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ RIPA Buffer

Lyse cultured mammalian cells with this high-quality, ready-to-use and fully disclosed formulation of a popular cell lysis reagent. RIPA BUFFER, 250 MLlysis and extraction buffer 250mL Store at 4C,

Merck™ PureProteome™ Protein G Magnetic Bead System

Eliminate variability and maximize recovery. Unlike conventional methods, which require centrifugation and careful aspiration, these beads are isolated using a magnetic rack. This allows for the total removal of buffers for complete recovery of beads and no sample dilution. X2 PureProteome Protein G Magnetic Beads

GE Healthcare HiScreen™ Capto™ adhere Multimodal Prepacked Column

For intermediate purification and polishing of monoclonal antibodies after the protein A capture step 4.7 ML HISCREEN CAPTO ADHERE 4.7ML STORE AT AMBIENt Store at Room Temperature

GE Healthcare Sera-Mag SpeedBeads™ Streptavidin magnetic beads

SpeedBeads Streptavidin exhibit a high affinity when binding to biotinylated ligands such as proteins, nucleic acids and peptides. They respond much faster to a magnetic field to shorten assay times and improve precision and also move faster through viscous solutions. 5mL SpeedBead Magnetic Streptavidin Coated particles, DSMG-SA, 1 um, 1% solids, 1 mL

GE Healthcare HiScreen™ Sepharose™ Prepacked High Performance HIC Columns

Designed for method optimization and parameter screening HISCREEN PHENYL HP