Cell Analysis

BD Accuri™ Cleaning Solution Concentrate

Used for cleaning the components in flow cytometers, including the Accuri™ C6. BD™ Accuri™ Cleaning Solution Concentrate makes 1L cleaning solution that complies with RUO regulatory status. 1LT Cleaning Solution Concentrate

Thermo Scientific™ 4000 Series Monosized Particles

Minimize response of analytic systems to shape effects with monosized particles. 15ML PS NIST 1.1UM 1% NIST Standard 4 - Duke Standards Monosized

Thermo Scientific™ 9000 Series Glass Particle Standards

Replace polystyrene spheres in many applications with dry glass NIST™-traceable size standards. 1GR BSGLASS NIST 10UM NIST Standard Glass 9 - Duke Standards Uniform

Thermo Scientific™ Labtainer™ BPC Bag with 2 Ports, Luer Lock and MPC Insert

Simplify cleaning and disposal and reduce cross-contamination risks for 50 to 2000mL volumes of media, buffers, water for injection (WFI) and biological products. X10 Bioprocess container HyClone Labtainers 2-D

Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards

Achieve high visual contrast with Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards, colored polymer microspheres with NIST™-traceable diameters. 1GR RED PSDVB NIST 150UM NIST Standard Chromo DryDyed - Red Dyed Uniform

Thermo Scientific™ Duke Standards™ 2000 Series Uniform Polymer Particles

Analyze wide size range materials through laser diffraction or other methods with uniform polymer particles that mimic real world particles. 15ML PSDVB NIST 6UM 1% NIST Standard 2 - Duke Standards Uniform

Sartorius™ Standard Flexel™ 3D bags with silicone tubes

X5 Flexel 3D bag 200L MPX couplings female luerlocktriclamp needle free sampling for Palletank

Thermo Scientific™ 3000 Series Nanosphere™ Size Standards

Conveniently check the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components with these size standards. 15ML PS NIST 269NM 1% NIST Standard 3 - Nanospheres Polymer

IKA™ Stainless Steel Balls

Measures 5mm in diameter. IKA&trade Stainless Steel Balls are for use with BMT Tubes. STEEL BALL DIN 5401 G500 250Gmm (250 g)

Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards

Use Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards for calibrating particle sizing and counting instruments that require dry particles. 1GR PSDVB NIST 5UM NIST Standard Dry - Uniform Polymer Microspheres,

Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max Dyed Green Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

Improve sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods with green aqueous fluorescent particles. 15ML GREEN FL PS 0.040UM 1% Flouro-Max Color - Dyed Microsphere Suspensions

Novex™ ApoDETECT Annexin V-FITC Kit


Alfa Aesar™ Necrosis Inhibitor, IM-54

5MG Necrosis Inhibitor, IM-54

Thermo Scientific™ 8000 Series Silica Particle Size Standards

Provide greater durability and chemical stability when using solvents with these monodisperse silica microspheres used in instrument calibration and as spacers. 15ML SIL NIST 1.6UM 2% NIST Standard Glass 8 - Duke Standards Uniform

Thermo Scientific™ Productainer™ BPC Bag with 4 Top Ports

Using these BPC bags with 4 top ports, package, store, and transport 50 to 200L volumes of media, buffers, water for injection (WFI), process liquids, and biological products. X5 3D Square Tube Design with Top Dispense, 4 ports (50L)

Thermo Scientific™ Productainer™ BPC Bag with 2 Top Ports

Using these BPC bags with 2 top ports, package, store, and transport 50 to 200L volumes of media, buffers, water for injection (WFI), process liquids, and biological products. X8 3D Square Tube Design with Top Dispense, 2 ports (50L)

BD Accuri™ Bacteriostatic Concentrate Solution

Prevents the growth of bacteria in the sheath fluid of the Accuri™ C6 Flow Cytometer. BD™ Accuri™ Bacteriostatic Concentrate Solution can be used to treat 10L of sheath fluid. Packaged in a pack of ten 8mL vials. X10 BD Accuri(R) Bacteriostatic concentrate solution treats a total of 10L of sheath


50MG G3335

Thermo Scientific™ Labtainer™ BioProcess Container 2D System, ASI 28 Film, 3 Edge Ports, MPC Insert/MPC Body with Pinch Clamps

Use small volume Labtainers for sampling, harvesting, preparation, storage and transport of process liquids. BAG EVA 5 L CS30

Thermo Scientific™ 7000 Series Copolymer Microsphere Suspensions

Meet the need for particulate materials with a variety of particle sizes and properties with Thermo Scientific™ 7000 Series Copolymer Microsphere Suspensions. 15ML PSDVB 250UM 10% Co-Polymer - Polymer Microsphere Suspensions

Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max Dyed Blue Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

Achieve improved sensitivity and detectability in analytical methods with internally dyed microspheres that feature bright, high-contrast colors. 90ML BLUE FL PS 0.050UM 1% Flouro-Max Color - Dyed Microsphere Suspensions

U-73122, 95%

5MG U-73122, 95%

Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles

Save time when measuring analytes with Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles, open platform particles for suspension array analysis. 1ML FLRDPS 4UM L7 1.4E8 Cyto-Plex CM - Flow Cytometry Fluorescent

Thermo Scientific™ 5000 Series 0.03μm to 0.30μm Polymer Particle Suspensions

Optimize research in light scattering, microporous filter checking, and aerosol particle generation with these particle suspensions. 100ML PS 170NM 10% Polymer Suspension - Polymer Microsphere

Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Containers for HyPerforma™ Single-Use Mixer

Support impeller-based mixing in bioproduction using these bioprocess containers. 500L BPC for SUM - SS - Liquid/Liquid

Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Bind™ Polystyrene Sulfate Particles

Achieve maximum reactivity in many diagnostic applications with Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Bind™ Polystyrene Sulfate Particles. 100ML OPTIBIND POLYSTYRENE PARTICLES, 0,1┬ÁM, 10% solids, pasteurised, used in slide agglutination,

Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max™ Fluorescent Carboxylate-Modified Particles

Lower detection limits of fluorescent assays by limiting background interference from relatively short-lived matrix fluorescence. 1ML CM-EU 0.1UM 1% Flouro-Max EuCM - Flouro-Max Flourescent

Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max Green and Red Dry Fluorescent Particles

Improve sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods with fluorescent particles that feature bright, distinct colors. 5GR GREEN PSDVB 120UM Flouro-Max Dry - Dyed Microspheres green

Alfa Aesar™ Bis(methylthio)gliotoxin, 99%

1MG Bis(methylthio)gliotoxin, 99% 1mg

Alfa Aesar™ Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles, 5-10% (w/v) aqueous colloidal dispersion

20-50nm particles 25ML Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, 5-10% (w/v) aqueous colloidal dispersion, 20-50nm particles 25ml