Pumps and Tubing

Welch Ilmvac™ Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Service and Maintenance Kit

Service and Maintenance Kits comprised of replacement seals and wearable parts for various models of diaphragm pumps. Maintenance kit with seals and wearable parts forFB65451, and other diapragm pumps

Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ L/S™ Platinum-Cured Silicone Precision Tubing

Ensure optimal performance from your Masterflex™ pump with this silicone pump tubing. Masterflex™ L/S™ Platinum-Cured Silicone Precision Tubing provides accurate, repeatable flow. Ideal for Pharmaceutical, biotech, peristaltic pumping and food applications. 7,5M TUBING SILICONE PLAT LS 13

Ismatec™ MS-4/12 Reglo Digital Pump

Expand your pumping capabilities with a single compact unit. Ismatec™ Reglo Digital Pumps are ideal for pumping and dispensing applications in laboratories and industry. REGLO DIGITAL 4/12 PROGRAM

KNF™ Portable Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Use this pump for sampling, evacuating and compressing applications. KNF™ Portable Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps permit gentle distillation and high rates of recovery even with low-boiling solvents. PUMP KNF N86KT.18 DIAPHRAGM OIL FREE CHEMICAL resistant 230V 50Hz flow rate 5.5l/min, UK plug

Merck Millipore™ Lynx™ ST Connectors

Connects steamable hard-piped processing systems to sterilized disposable flow paths. Merck Millipore™ Lynx™ ST Connectors offers a gamma sterilized ready-to-use assembly assuring sterility of the overall system. X10 LYNX ST 1/4' STEAM CONNECTOR

Fisherbrand™ Fisherbrand™ DP2000 Dispensing Pump System

Meet critical metering and dispensing applications with this pump system. Fisherbrand™ DP2000 Peristaltic Dispensing Pump Systems deliver single-channel variable flow from 0.5 to 4000 mL/min with a speed range of 4 to 400 rpm. Pump, dispense and fill all with one integrated unit. DP2000 Dispensing Pump System

Cole-Parmer™ Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene ADCF Luer Fittings

Ensure process integrity with full material traceability. Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene ADCF Luer Fittings are ideal for a variety of critical applications, including syringes or small tubing. These fittings are inspected to be free from contaminants, and are fully traceable. X25 ANIMAL FREE MALE LUER ADAPTER, 1/8', PP

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sani-Tech™ Sani-Tech™ STHT™-R Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose

Developed for high pressure applications that require ultra-flexible, high-purity hose. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sani-Tech™ STHT™-R Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose resists temperature extremes, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets and chemical attack. SanitechSTHT-R .375" x .625" TubingBraid Reinforced Plat 15m

Sartorius™ Microsart Mini Vacuum Pump

Ideal small vacuum pump for single vacuum filtrations. Sartorius™ Microsart Mini Vacuum Pump is designed to meet the needs of microbiology laboratories. Microsart mini.vac, 230 V 50 Hz No. 16694 2 5006

Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump

Positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. Fisherbrand™ FH100M Multichannel Peristaltic Pump an save considerable time and resources while greatly improving process efficiency. MCP3000 8/3 Multichannel pump 8ch,3rlr

Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ Tygon E-Lab (E-3603) Pump Tubing

Use this tubing for general laboratory applications. Cole-Parmer™ Tygon E-Lab (E-3603) Pump Tubing is ideal for inorganic chemicals and viscous fluids. 15M TUBING TYGON E3603 LS SIZE 36

Fisherbrand™ Silicon Tubing

Higher tear strength with less vulnerability to splitting or mechanical damage, making it ideal for peristaltic pump use. 10M Silicone tubing, platinum-cured ID2mm OD3mm

Masterflex™ Tygon™ Chemical L/S™ High Performance Precision Pump Tubing

Use this tubing for chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ Tygon™ Chemical L/S™ High Performance Precision Pump Tubing offers low extractability and gas permeability and excellent chemical compatibility in a clear, flexible peristaltic pump tube. 15M TUBING TYGON MEK LS SIZE 15

Saint-Gobain C-Flex™ Tubing

Meets the demands of various industries and lab applications requiring high performance and long life. C-Flex™ Tubing features exceptional tensile and tear strength, good biocompatibility, excellent chemical resistance, low gas permeability and a smooth surface. 7,5M C-FLEX TUBG 9,6X16MM

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables

Quiet in operation with very low vibration. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only rough vacuum or moderate pressure. Vacuum pump with Schuko, UK and US cables vacuum100mbar, flow rate 15L/min 90-260V 50-60Hz 144mm

Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ I/P™ High-Performance Precision Pump Tubing, platinum-cured silicone

Ensure your tubing is clean, free from defects and performs to exact specifications. Masterflex™ I/P™ High Performance Precision Pump Tubing is ideal for applications involving pressure, suction lift, viscous fluids or long tubing life. 7.5 M TUBING MASTERFLEX SILICONE 9.5mm ID

Fisherbrand™ FB70155 Pump

Oil-free piston pump. Fisherbrand™ FB70155 Pump designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only rough vacuum or moderate pressure. PUMP FB70155 FISHERBRAND

Cole-Parmer™ Masterflex™ Two-channel Easy-Load II Pump Head

Pump two channels without stacking heads. Cole-Parmer™ MasterFlex™ Two-channel Easy-Load II Pump Heads feature automatic retention which holds tubing securely in place with no manual adjustment. PUMP HEAD, DUAL CHANNEL MASTERFLEX FOR PRECISIONtubing stainless steel rotor L/S 13, 14, 16, 25

Ismatec™ IPC-N 16 Peristaltic Pump

Pumps feature analog input and output controls, as well as an RS-232 interface for control by a computer. Remote control capabilities: RS-232 to control all operating functions (DB9 male); 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA for start/stop and autostart via contact closure (DB15 male); foot switch (three-pin DIN port). Monitor speed via analog output. PERISTALTIC PUMP IPC-N-16 0-10 RPM

KNF Neuberger™ PPS/EPDM Vacuum Pumps

Transfer, compress and pump down without contamination. KNF™ PPS/EPDM Vacuum Pumps are double-head, dry-running devices used in a wide range of laboratory applications. VACUUM PUMP 11,5L/MIN 240 MBARN811KN18

Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pump

Use this vacuum pump for sample preparation in life sciences, environmental monitoring, chemistry and analytical processes. Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pumps feature reliable diaphragm technology, ensuring quiet operation and long service life. CHEMICAL RESIST.PUMP 15L/MIN 100MB

Fisherbrand™ Diaphragm Pump

Use these chemically resistant pumps for applications involving aggressive solvents and acidic vapors. Fisherbrand™ Diaphragm Pumps and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced to provide electrical conductivity and prevent electrostatic charging. DIAPHRAGM VACUUM PUMP CHEMICALLYresistant ultimate vacuum <8 mbar 220V 50-60Hz

Vacuubrand™ Maintenance Kit For RE/RZ 2 and RE/RZ 5

Stop wasting time searching for part numbers to maintain your vacuum pumps. Vaccubrand™ Maintenance Kit for RE/RZ 2 and RE/RZ 5 includes all recommended required wear parts and sealings. SERVICE KIT FOR RE2 TO RZ5

KNF Neuberger™ Vacuum Pumps

Transfer, compress and pump down without contamination. KNF™ Vaccum Pumps are suitable for distillation, filtration, and preparation for analysis, sublimation, extraction and evaporation or drying. PUMP,VACUUM COMPRESSOR,OILFREE, 300W

Cole-Parmer™ Air Cadet Vacuum/Pressure Single Head Pump

Air Cadet® Vacuum/Pressure Pump, Diaphragmsingle head, 0.45 cfm, 230 VAC

Saint-Gobain Tygon™ S3™ E-LFL Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Eliminates the need for frequent downstream filter replacement due to reduced particle spallation. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon™ S3™ E-LFL Peristaltic Pump Tubing diminishes the risk of sensitive fluid contamination. 7,5 TUBE TYGON LFL 12,8X19,2MM

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Tubing

For consistently reliable and accurate fluid transfers. 10M Tubing silicone rubber 12.5 2.25mm

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Pump Tubing

For use in field of medicine. 15M Tubing fisherbrand peristaltic pump silicone 1.6mm bore 2.4mm wall