Biology Classroom

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

Ideal for hundreds of lab applications, including counting blood samples, taking surveys, laboratory inventory, counting total drops of liquid, receiving lab samples and tallying biomedical events. CELLRÄKNARE BRANNAN

Fisher Chemical™ Permount™ Mounting Medium

For both mounting and long-term storage of slides 500ML Permount Mounting Medium

3B Scientific™ Heart Model, 3/4 Full-Sized, Two-Part

The heart's major functions and structures are numbered for easy memorization. Heart model 2 part classic

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Polypropylene Coplin Staining Jar

Large opening for easy placement and removal of slides. STAINING JAR PP 10 SLIDE

3B Scientific™ Adult Human Skeleton

Premier line of skeletal models offers educators medical-grade quality. Skeleton Stan 5-feet Roller Stand

3B Scientific™ Eye Model, Six Part

Dissects into sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments, choroid with iris and retina, lens and vitreous humour. 3B Scientific™ Eye model, Six Part is three times full size for optimal EYEBALL ENLARGED X3 DISSECTABLE MODEL MOUNTED

3B Scientific™ Brain Models

Different separations of the brain expose different levels of detail and complexity. BRAIN LIFE SIZE MODEL DISSECTABLE NUMBERED WITH

Fisherbrand™ Digital Key-Chain Wristband Counter

Lightweight and easy to use. COUNTER KEY CHAIN WITH WRIST STRAPcount to 99,999, shock resistannt ABS plastic

American Educational Products Lung/Breath Volume Kits

Investigate pulmonary fitness. Breath-bag including 1 tee, 2 valves, 1 mouthpiece

DCP Microdevelopments™ Microscope Slide

Microscope slide pre-prepared slide of trachea TS