Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances

Analytical balances

Analytical balances are precise balances with readability up to 0,01g (5 decimal places) making them ideal for universities, pharmaceutical, and high-precision manufacturing applications. We offer several brands and models to fulfil your needs including internal or external calibration, different draft shields, stability filters or various connections. Start defining your balance by knowing readability, capacity and repeatability.

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Toploading Balances

Toploading balances

Toploading balances are used primarily for weighing solid material when an accuracy of 0,1 g is satisfactory. Our range in laboratory balances includes a variety of features to suit your application needs. Models are available with internal or external calibration, connectivity to computers or printers, and stability filters to compensate from vibrations or temperature changes. When selecting your top loading balance, readability and capacity are important but also consider the size and shape of the weighing platform.

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We offer bench and floor scale bases for industrial applications. Select from many great features like durable stainless steel, welded tubular steel construction, and rugged adjustable feet. We also offer HACCP certified  balances, ideal for use in the food industry

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Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers

A moisture balance is perfect for measuring moisture in most products including grains, pharmaceuticals, soils, sludge and chemicals. This measurement is key in quality control process of material as it qualifies quality or purity of a product. There are different types of heating elements to be considered  : ceramic, halogen and quartz elements . Each element offer heating properties so you should consider your application before choosing the appropriate one. Our tech support team can help you to select the relevant model.

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