Thermo Scientific Sorvall Lynx Superspeed centrifuge packages

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Choose your Sorvall Lynx Superspeed package with 1, 2 or 3 rotors at a special price

For both Lynx 4000 and Lynx 6000, optional 5 years warranty available including annual service maintenance.*

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Lynx superspeed centrifuges are available in two models:

Both offer exceptional performance meeting evolving application needs, from academic research to production facilities.

Find your high speed rotors to fit your applications:



Lynx 4000 + 1 rotor



Lynx 4000 + 2 rotors



Lynx 4000 + 3 rotors




Lynx 6000 + 1 rotor



Lynx 6000 + 2 rotors



Lynx 6000 + 3 rotors



Fixed angle rotors:

F9-6x1000LEX 6x1000ml (Lynx 6000)
F10-4x1000LEX 4x1000ml
F12-6x500LEX 6x500ml
F14-6x250y 6x250ml
F14-14x50cy 14x50ml conical
F20-12x50LEX 12x50ml
F2t1-8x50y 8x50ml
F23-48x1.5 48x1.5ml
A23-6x100 6x100ml
A27-8x50 8x50ml
A22-24x16 22x16ml
A21-24x15c 24x15ml conical

Swing-out rotors:

Bioflex HC 4x1000ml
(with click seal lids & one set of adapters)

Bioflex HS 4x400ml
(with click seal lids & one set of adapters)

Just let us know you're interested
and we'll set it up for you.

*Contact us for more information.

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