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Invitrogen™ Click-iT™ sDIBO Alkynes for copper-free click chemistry

Experience copper-free 'click chemistry' with Click-IT™ Alexa Fluor™ and sDIBO Alkyne reagents, which are ideal for surface labeling of live cells and minimize damage to enzymes and fluorescent proteins.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ C20021

Additional Details : Weight : 0.00910kg

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Achieve efficient labeling of azides with Click-It sDIBO Alkynes. Our Click-IT sDIBO alkynes enable the labeling of azido labeled targets without the need for copper catalysis and are available with a variety of Alexa Fluor or biotin labels, as well as amine or thiol reactive groups for creating your own conjugates. Macromolecules that have been azido-modified enzymatically, chemically, or metabolically can now be labeled easily, yielding soluble bioconjugates.

Click-iT sDIBO Alkyne labels react with azides via a copper-free Click chemistry reaction to form a stable triazole linkage with an Alexa Fluor, Biotin, or label of your choice. Copper-free click reactions using our sDIBO alkynes are ideal for surface labeling of live cells; they also minimize damage to fluorescent proteins like GFP or R-PE. For intracellular labeling, the nonspecific binding of DIBO alkynes creates a background signal, and a labeling strategy using picolyl azides is the preferred solution in these instances.

Click chemistry-labeled molecules can be applied to complex biological samples and be detected with unprecedented sensitivity due to extremely low background. Macromolecules that have been azide-modified enzymatically, chemically, or metabolically can be labeled more easily, yielding more soluble bioconjugates with improved biological labeling utility.


Contains 0.5 mg of Alexa Fluor 555 sDIBO Alkyne
Blue, Green, Yellow
Dry Ice
Alexa Fluor™ 555
Store at ≤ -20°C. Desiccation recommended. Protect material from long-term exposure to light; may be exposed to light for short periods of time
Click Chemistry
sDIBO Alkyne
Less hazardous
Alexa Fluor™, Click-iT™


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