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ELISA Systems™ Beta-Lactoglobulin Residue Detection Kit for Food Allergen Testing

Rapidly detect and quantify beta-lactoglobulin as an indicator of presence of milk or milk products in food and environmenatal samples.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific Oxoid ESMRDBLG

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Simplify allergen testing with ELISA Systems™ Beta-Lactoglobulin Residue Detection Kit which helps ensure compliance with food product labeling requirements. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is designed to deliver simple, sensitive, and fast detection and quantification of beta-lactoglobulin as an indicator of the presence of milk or milk products. This complete, ready-to-use kit is developed and optimized for rapid and reliable test results which significantly reduce the time required to screen appropriate food products for the presence of beta-lactoglobulin.

Beta-lactoglobulin is the major whey protein in ruminants and pigs. It is not found in the milk of many species, and milk from humans appears to be devoid of beta-lactoglobulin. Human infants can develop an allergenic response to cow milk proteins. Beta-lactoglobulin is the primary antigenic component that stimulates the immune hypersensitivity response in the infant..1

Use ELISA Systems Beta-Lactoglobulin Residue Detection Kit for the detection and quantification of the beta-lactoglobulin residue in food and environmental samples.

  • Fast: Sample preparation to result in under 60 minutes for rapid test turnaround and actions
  • Simple: Ready-to-use liquid reagents and concentrates, plus common handling procedure for all kits, make ELISA Systems Assays easy to implement and run
  • Robust: Ready-to-use liquid controls and allergen-free non-control reagents mean reduced risk of cross contamination that could lead to false-positive results
  • Flexible: Use for qualitative or quantitative testing—a single kit for more applications
  • Sensitive: Detect proteins or protein residues, including heat stable proteins, at low levels for improved assurance of product safety
  • Supported: Our experienced technical team is ready to assist you and help mitigate delays in test reporting

This kit can be used to detect whole milk or whey. Products where whey has been significantly removed, such as cheese, may not be suitable for this kit as the estimated level of milk material will be lower. In these cases, ELISA Systems Casein Detection Kit or ELISA Systems Total Milk Residue Detection Kit may be more suitable.

A conversion table is supplied for expression of results in terms of other milk products.

All results should be interpreted as part of a HACCP plan for food allergens. Any sample returning a positive result should be regarded as a presumptive result, and confirmation or further testing should be performed.

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ELISA Systems™ Food Allergen Test Kits are manufactured by ELISA Systems Pty Ltd.


ELISA Systems Beta-Lactoglobulin Detection Kit
ELISA (Standard)
20X Extraction solution concentrate, 20X wash buffer solution concentrate, Beta-lactoglobulin, Enzyme conjugate, Negative Standard, Positive Standards, Stop solution, Substrate, Test strips
2°C to 8°C
Milk Residue Detection Kit
48 Tests
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