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Genomic DNA isolation, Lysis Buffer CF, Macherey-Nagel™

Brand:  Macherey Nagel Bioanalysis 740946

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The NucleoSpin™ Food and NucleoSpin™ Food 8/96 systems guarantee good recovery rates even for small genomic DNA fragments (<1kb) out of processed, complex food matrices, which generally have very low DNA contents as well as poor quality, degraded DNA. After the food samples have been homogenised, the DNA is extracted with lysis buffers containing chaotropic salts, denaturing agents and detergents. The standard isolation ensures lysis using buffer CF, which was especially developed in cooperation with GEN-IAL, Troisdorf, Germany (patent pending). Lysis mixtures should be cleared by centrifugation or filtration in order to remove contaminants and residual cellular debris. The clear supernatant is then mixed with the binding buffer and ethanol to create conditions for optimal binding to the NucleoSpin™ silica membrane, selected for this purpose due to its unique DNA binding properties. After washing with two different buffers for efficient of potential PCR* inhibitors, DNA can be eluted in low salt buffer or water. Resulting eluates are ready-to-use in all types of subsequent detection methods, especially real-time and basic PCR* technologies and can be used for the identification of GMO-DNA or animal components in food and feed.
Kit components
NucleoSpin™ Food - NucleoSpin™ Food columns, collecting tubes 2mL, buffers, proteinase K. NucleoSpin™ 8 Food - NucleoSpin™ Food binding strips, round-well blocks, MN wash plates, racks with tube strips, cap strips, gas-permeable foil, buffers, proteinase K. NucleoSpin™ 96 Food - NucleoSpin™ 96 Food binding plates, round-well blocks, MN square-well blocks, MN wash plates, racks with tube strips, gas-permeable foil, buffers, proteinase K.
  • Silica membrane technology
  • Available formats: NucleoSpin - mini spin column NucleoSpin 8 - 8 well strip NucleoSpin 96 - 96 well plate
  • Yield: 0.1μg to 10μg
  • Sample material: ≤200μg food/feed
  • Elution volume: 100μL (mini spin column) 100μL to 200μL (8 or 96 well formats)
  • Preparation time: 30min/6 preps (mini spin columns) <60min/8 strips (excluding lysis) <120min/96 well plate (excluding lysis)
  • Manual or automated processing, vacuum/centrifugation
  • No use of organic solvents Designed for medium to high-throughput isolation of GMO-DNA or animal components in food and feed.


Lysis Buffer CF
Genomic DNA Isolation
1000 mL
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