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Applied Biosystems™ PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix for qPCR

Pre-formulated, optimized, universal 2X master mix for real-time PCR workflows.

Brand:  Applied Biosystems™ A25742

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Coupled with user-supplied primer sets and template, PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix is designed to amplify targets for accurate gene expression analysis.

  • A dual hot-start mechanism for excellent specificity
  • Highly reproducible CTs over a broad dynamic range
  • Inclusion of UDG to help prevent carryover contamination
  • Stability of pre-assembled reactions for up to 72 hours
  • Compatibility with most real-time qPCR instruments

Exceptional specificity with dual hot-start mechanism:
  • Specificity is paramount in obtaining high-quality data in SYBR™ Green reactions and can be enhanced through control of the Taq DNA polymerase at lower temperatures before stringent primer binding
  • PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix uses the Dual-Lock™ Taq DNA polymerase enzyme that combines two unique hot-start mechanisms to help control its activity and to prevent undesirable early activity of the polymerase at low temperatures
  • In an experiment evaluating 24 different primer sets, PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix generated single melt curves 100% of the time, consistent with highly specific amplification

Tight reproducibility in CTs over a wide dynamic range:
  • PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix demonstrates excellent reproducibility over a wide dynamic range for a variety of targets tested
  • In addition, this master mix provides efficient amplification over 6 logs of sample input
  • Unlike competitor mixes that can exhibit inhibition at high cDNA inputs and low correlation coefficients over a dynamic range experiment, PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix efficiency is maintained over the full dynamic range to help deliver maximal confidence in data quality

UDG included for carryover contamination control:
  • The inclusion of uracil-DNA glycosylase (UDG) and dUTP in the PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix enables the degradation of any previously amplified PCR products, helping prevent contamination of subsequent qPCR reactions and possible false positives

Stability of pre-assembled reactions:
  • The tight control of the Dual-Lock™ Taq DNA polymerase in PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix enables reactions to be assembled up to 72 hours prior to cycling without impacting data
  • This consistency allows users to have confidence and flexibility in the use of PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix across numerous workflow scenarios1

Broad instrument compatibility:
  • PowerUp™ SYBR™ Green Master Mix can be used in either standard or fast cycling mode and is compatible with all Applied Biosystems™ real-time PCR instruments2
  • It is also compatible with the Bio-Rad IQ™5 and CFX96™/CFX384™ systems, Roche LightCycler™ LC480, and Stratagene™ MX3005P™ systems
  • For optimal results, recommended primer concentrations are 300 to 800nM

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The 2X mix contains SYBR Green dye, Dual-Lock Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs with dUTP/dTTP blend, heat-labile UDG, ROX passive reference dye, and optimized buffer components. Contains 1 x 5 mL tube, sufficient for 500 20-μL reactions (10 μL Master Mix per reaction).

Store at 2–8°C in the dark.
Dual-Lock Taq DNA Polymerase
7500 Fast System, 7500 System, 7900HT System, QuantStudio™ 12k Flex, QuantStudio™ 3, QuantStudio™ 5, QuantStudio™ 6 Flex, QuantStudio 6 Pro, QuantStudio 7 Pro, QuantStudio™ 7 Flex, StepOne™, StepOnePlus™, ViiA™ 7 System
Real Time PCR SYBR Master Mix
Wet Ice
Gene Expression
500 Reactions
5 mL
Fast or Standard
PowerUP™, SYBR™
5 mL
500 Reactions of 20 μL
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