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Macherey-Nagel Bioanalysis™ NucleoSpin™ 96 Virus Core Kit

Time saving parallel isolation of viral RNA / DNA from biological fluids in flexible 96‐well strip format.

Brand:  Macherey-Nagel Bioanalysis™ 740452.4

Code : LE

Additional Details : Weight : 0.99000kg Transport : UN number : 1993 Chem class : 3 Pack group : III

Product Code. 12785194

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NucleoSpin 96 Virus enables rapid simultaneous preparation of viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma or any cell-free biological fluid. The kits allow reliable purification of viral RNA and DNA without cross-contamination. NucleoSpin 96 Virus is primarily designed for manual use in a centrifuge. NucleoSpin 96 Virus Core Kits allow for more variation and higher flexibility in the consumables used for lysis, washing and elution and are primarily recommended for manual or automated vacuum use. With the NucleoSpin 96 Virus method, RNA viruses are lysed quickly and efficiently by a lysis buffer which is a highly concentrated solution of GITC. DNA viruses (e.g. HBV) are usually more difficult to isolate and require a digestion of samples with proteinase K. Lysis buffer and ethanol create appropriate conditions for binding of nucleic acids to the silica membrane of the NucleoSpin virus binding strips or plate. Carrier RNA included in lysis buffer improves binding and recovery of the low concentrated viral RNA/DNA. Contaminations (potential PCR* inhibitors) like salts, metabolites and soluble macromolecular cellular components are removed in washing steps with ethanolic wash buffers. The purified viral nucleic acids can be eluted in low salt buffer or water and are ready-to-use in subsequent downstream applications like RT-PCR or PCR.

Vacuum processing

The NucleoSpin 96 Virus kits can be used manually with the NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold.For vacuum processing of the 8-well Strips the reusable Starter Set A, containing column holders A and dummy strips is required. For automation on laboratory platforms with standard 96-well plate vacuum chambers the use of the starter set A is also required.

Kit components: NucleoSpin Virus binding strips, MN square-well blocks, racks with tube strips, cap strips, self-adhering foil, buffers, carrier RNA, proteinase K.

  • Silica membrane technology
  • Fragment size: 100 bp to 30 kb
  • Sample material: 150 μL (100 cp/mL) serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids
  • Elution volume: 70 to 100 μL
  • Typical recovery: > 90%
  • Binding capacity: 40 μg
  • Preparation time: 60 min/plate
  • Format: 96-well plates


18°C to 25°C
Silica Membrane Technology
384 Preps
Viral RNA and DNA
96-well Plate
Isolation of viral nucleic acids
< 150 μL
Product Suggestions

Product Suggestions

Safety and Handling

Safety and Handling

Hazard Category
  • Flammable liquid Category 3
  • Acute toxicity Category 4



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