Ohaus™ Valor™ 4000 Compact Bench Scales

Legal for trade food scale that enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity even in harsh environments. WAAGE Valor 4000 V41PWE1501T 1,5kG/ 0,2g

Ohaus™ Valor™ 4000 Compact Bench Scales, Certified

Legal for trade food scale that enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity even in harsh environments. WAAGE Valor 4000 V41PWE6T-M 6kg/1g geeicht

Ohaus™ Catapult 1000 kompakte Tischwaage

Designed for veterinary weighing and general shipping and other dry weighing applications. Ohaus™ Catapult 1000 Compact Bench Scales are offer an economical option for application in which portability and precise results are required. CATAPULT WAAGE 75KG/50G

Ohaus™ Kompakte Präzisionswaage Valor 1000

Use this scale for food preparation and portioning applications. Ohaus™ Valor 1000 Compact Precision Scales are an economical choice for basic checkweighing, accumulation and weighing needs. VALOR 1000 15KG/2G

Ohaus™ Ranger 3000 Tisch-Kompaktwaage

The multipurpose Ranger 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications. With seven application modes, Ranger 3000 is the ideal scale to meet many industrial weighing needs. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, this scale is beneficial in every corner of the factory and is equipped with functions and features that elevate the Ranger 3000 to a class of its own. BALANCE RANGER 3000 3KG /0,1G

Ohaus™ Günstige Tischwaage der Defender 3000-Serie

Designed for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas. Ohaus™ Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged tubular-frame base design and flexible mounting capabilities. Industriewaagen Defender 3000 D31P60BR, 60 kg, 10

OHAUS™ Taschenwaagen, Gold Serie

Perfect for weighing jewelry, coins and small parts. OHAUS Gold Series Pocket Scales have large backlit LCD display and external calibration. PORTABLE JEWELLERY BALANCE YA

OHAUS™ Kompaktwaagen, CS-Serie

Lightweight, portable electronic scales, ideal for work outside of the lab Transportable Waage Compact, CS5000, Wägebereich



Ohaus™ BALANCE VALOR 7000 1,5KG/0,05G


Ohaus™ Industriewaagen Defender 3000 D31XW300VX-EU, 300 kg, 50 g

Industriewaagen Defender 3000 D31XW300VX-EU, 300kg, 50 g

Ohaus™ WAAGE 75KG/50G


Ohaus™ Valor 3000 Compact Food Scale

Balance 500g capacity, 0.1g readability V31XH501

OHAUS™ Defender 5000 Bench Scales with Rectangular Base

Portable scale for shipping and inventory. PLATFORMM WAAGE DEFENDER D51P300HX2

Ohaus™ CKW Tischwaage für Kontrollwägungen

Plattformwaage, CKW6R55-M, Ables. 2g Wägebereich6kg, Geeicht ab Werk

Ohaus™ Tischwaage der ES-Serie mit niedrigem Profil

Industriewaage, Typ ES200L Wägebereich 200kg,Ablesbarkeit 100g