Solid Phase Extraction Products

SPE tube SDB-1 reversed phase polypropylene 200mg, 6mL Bakerbond

X30 SPE tubes Bakerbond SDB-1 reversed phase

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Universal Vacuum Manifold, Gauge and Waste Base

Use this simple vacuum manifold for solid phase extraction (SPE) in 96 well plates. GAUGE SPE ACCESSORIES BASE/GAUGEfor universal vacuum manifold

Macherey-Nagel™ Chromabond™ SiOH Glass SPE Column

X50 CHROMABOND column HR-P volume: 3 mL, content of sorbent: 200 mg material: glass

SPE tube PAHAqua speciality polypropylene 700mg 3mL Bakerbond

X50 SPE tubes BAKERBOND PAHAqua 700mg 3ml polyprop

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Diol Plates

Obtain excellent normal phase extraction of polar compounds with these diol SPE well plates and individual wells. HYPERSEP-96 DIOL 50MG PLATE

Macherey-Nagel™ Chromafix™ C18 Hydra SPE Cartridge

X50 Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges CHROMAFIX c18 Hydra (L)

Macherey-Nagel™ Empty Polypropylene SPE Column with PE Frits

X20 CHROMABOND empty column 150 mL volume: 150 mL, material: PP

Macherey-Nagel™ CHROMABOND™ XTR Polypropylene SPE Columns

Designed for consistently high quality from batch to batch. Macherey-Nagel™ CHROMABOND™ XTR Polypropylene SPE Columns include Kieselguhr phase for liquid-liquid extractions. Columns feature a large pore size and high pore volume for use with highly viscous aqueous solutions. Volumes from 1–45mL. X30 CHROMABOND columns XTR volume: 30 mL: 4500 mgKieselgur for volumes up to 5 mL material: PP

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ C18 Cartridges

Get improved retention for most nonpolar compounds and organic analytes in aqueous matrices with these hydrophobic reversed phase C18 cartridges.

X10 SPE column Thermo Scientific HyperSep 10g bed

Macherey-Nagel™ CHROMABOND™ QuEChERS Citrate Extraction Mix, EN 15662

Recommended for quick and cheap determination of pesticides by GC-MS and LC-MS. Macherey-Nagel™ CHROMABOND™ QuEChERS Citrate Extraction Mix, EN 15662 is a pre-weighed, pre-mixed buffered SPE phase for pesticide residue analysis in strongly matrix-contaminated samples, e.g. fruits and vegetables. X50 QUECHERS CHROMABOND MIX Icitrate extraction mix, 4g MgSO4, 1g NaCl 0.5g

J Young™ SingleBank Vacuum Manifold


Macherey-Nagel™ Chromabond™ NH2 Glass SPE Column

X30 CHROMABOND columns NH2 volume: 6 mL, content of sorbent: 1000 mg material: glass

Macherey-Nagel™ Chromabond™ Glass Empty SPE Column

X30 CHROMABOND Reservoir 6 mL, glass volume: 6 mL, with 2 glass fibre filter elements

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Accessories, Base Plates

Base plates are used with Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep 96-well plates; other accessories include sample collection plates, adaptors and empty wells. X5 Base plate Thermo Scientific HyperSep 96 SPE

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ SLE Plates (pH 9)

A fast and effective sample preparation technique for removal of phospholipids from biological matricies. HYPERSEP SLE 400MG 96 W/PLATE PH9

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Dispersive SPE Clean-up Products (QuEChERS)

Save time and achieve more accurate pesticide determinations using these pre-prepared dispersive SPE products for QuEChERS clean-up.

X50 15mL Cenrufuge tube w/ 900MGMgSO4, 300MG PSA

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Tip Microscale SPE Extraction Tips, 1-10µL

Get faster sample preparation with minimal sample loss with these revolutionary SPE micropipette tips.

X96 SPE tip Thermo Scientific HyperSep(tm) tip

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ C8 Plates

Need a less retentive alternative to C18 for polar and nonpolar compounds? These hydrophobic reversed phase C8 well plates offer excellent performance. SPE WELL PLATE HYPERSEP 96 C8for methods requring less retention than C18 1mL

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain CX SPE 96-Well Plates and Individual Wells

Achieve consistent, high recoveries for basic compounds with these Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain™ CX SPE 96-Well Plates and Individual Wells. HYPERSEP-96 RETAIN-CX 60MG PLATE

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Hypercarb™ SPE 96-Well Plates

Unique graphite carbon-based SPE 96-well plates offer retention and separation of polar compounds where silica and resin stationary phases fail HYPERSEP-96 HYPERCARB 10MG/1ML

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Glass Blocks for Vacuum Manifold

Order the glass block, which is the vacuum chamber of this manifold, if you need a replacement. Glas Block for 24 Port Vacuum Manifold

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ SLE Plates (pH 7)

A fast and effective sample preparation technique for removal of phospholipids from biological matricies. HYPERSEP SLE 200MG 96 W/PLATE PH7

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Silica Cartridges

Retain analytes in nonpolar matrices, and separate compounds of very similar structure with these silica SPE cartridges. X100 SPE column HyperSep silica

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Filter Plates, 40¦L Bed Volume

Get simple, effective clean-up of proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA and other biomolecules in small-scale samples with these 96-well filter plates. HyperSep Filter Plate C8, 40µl Bed Volume, VE=1Stück

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ SCX Cartridges

Obtain excellent performance for extraction of charged basic compounds with these strong cation exchanges SPE cartridges. X100 SPE column HyperSep SCX

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Glass Block Vacuum Manifold Vacuum Gauge

Order the vacuum gauge if a replacement is needed to measure vacuum in the glass block manifold. Vacuum Gauge & Valve

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain AX Cartridges

Achieve superior recoveries for acidic analytes with Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain AX SPE Cartridges. X20 HyperSep Retain-AX 1g 25mL

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Pressure Manifold Adapter Plates

Use the adapter plate that matches the size of solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges used with the Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Positive Pressure Manifold. ADAPTOR PLATE 1ML

Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ SPE Plates

Innovative Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ Solid Phase Extraction Plates deliver clean, highly reproducible sample extracts with lower elution volumes—for greater sensitivity, reliability and cost savings. SOLA WAX SPE, 10mg/2mL 96well plate

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ SpinTip Microscale SPE Extraction Tips, 10-200μL

Get faster sample preparation with minimal sample loss with these SPE micropipette tips and achieve separation in volumes as low as 100nL. X96 SPE tip Thermo Scientific HyperSep(tm) SpinTip