Respiratory Protection

Draeger™ X-plore™ 1710 V Face Mask

A new generation of particle filtering face masks, the X-plore™ 1710 V offers effective protection against fine dust, as well as solid and liquid particles. X10 RESPIRATOR X-PLORE 1700 1710V SINGLE USE WITHnose clip foldflat, valved EN 149 FFP1 (pack of

3M™ Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator, 7500 Series

State-of-the-art features provide unsurpassed comfort. The 3M Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator uses a Bayonet Attachment System for twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapors, and particulates. HALFMASK 7500 SERIES SZM

3M™ 5000 Series Particulate Filters

Provides excellent particulate protection in the laboratory. 3M™ 5000 Series Particulate Filters are available in a range of protection levels.
15 PAIR 5911 P1R Particulate Pre-Filter

3M™ Reusable Full Face Respirators

An economical and practical choice for filtering out a variety of hazardous materials. FULL FACE MASK 7000 SERIES BAYONET FITTING SILICONe universal

3M™ Particulate Respirator, Series C100

Provide comfortable, effective respiratory protection against dust and mist. The 3M C100 Series Particulate Respirator is lightweight and comfortable. X20 FFP1 RESPIRATOR C101 W/O VALVE

3M™ Disposable Particulate Respirator, 8000 Series

Ensures comfortable wear over a range of face sizes. The 3M 8000 Series Particulate Respirator has a convex shape. X10 RESPIRATOR,VALVED DUST 8812 4 X OEL STANDARD(PACK OF 10)

3M™ Aura™ 9300 Series Particulate Respirators

Providing a unique three-panel design for greater comfort and easy communication. 3M™ Aura™ 9300 Series Particulate Respirators cover a range of applications requiring FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 protection. X5 MASQUE AURA FFP1 SOUPAPE COOL 9312

3M™ Particulate Respirator K101, FFP1, Unvalved

3M™ Particulate Respirator K101, FFP1, Unvalved provides FFP1 level breathing protection against airborne particles and non-volatile liquids X20 RESPIRATOR FFP1 KOYOTE

Draeger™ Filtering Half Mask X-plore 1720 FFP2 NR D

X20 RESPIRATOR X-PLORE 1700 1720 SINGLE USE WITHnose clip foldflat, non-valve EN 149 FFP2 (pack

3M™ Reusable Respirator Accessory, Filter Adapter 603

Used with 3M™ Particulate Filter 5N11 or 3M™ Particulate Filter 5P71 and 3M™ Filter Retainer 501. 603 FILTER PLATFORM; PAIR

3M™ Disposable Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirator, 4000 Series

Offers reliable respiratory protection against a range of gases, vapors, and particulates. The 3M Disposable Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirator can be used until damaged, particulate filters clog, gas filters become saturated or after one month. Respirator 4255 for organic vapours EN 149 FFA2P2SL 3M, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

3M™ Supplied Air Regulator

X1 Supplied Air Regulator

3M™ Particulate Respirator, 8300 Series

Provide comfortable, effective respiratory protection against dust particles and/or non-volatile liquid particles. The 3M 8300 Series Particulate Respirator gives effective filtration with low breathing resistance for consistent high-quality performance. X10 RESPIRATOR FFP2 8300

3M™ Gas, Vapor, and Particulate Filter, 6000 Series

Provides excellent field of vision as a result of the unique trapezoidal shape. The 3M Gas, Vapor, and Particulate Filter uses bayonet-style cartridge connection for fitting to 3M 6000 and 7907 Series Full Face Masks. 2 PAIR A1 HgP3R FILTER 6096 GAS AND VAPOUR

3M™ Gas and Vapor Cartridge, 6000 Series

Combines excellent protection with superb comfort and balance. The 3M Gas and Vapor Cartridge is trapezoidal shaped and works with half- and full-facemasks that have bayonet connections systems. X4 PAIR 6055 Gas Filter A2

3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air Turbo Filters

Use with the Jupiter PAPR. The 3M Jupiter™ Powered Air Turbo Filters are available in a wide selection of gas or particulate protection. X2 Filtres jupiter a2bekp

3M™ Aura™ 9322+ Particulate Respirators

Provides protection against fine dusts and water-based mists. X10 RESPIRATOR AURA FFP2 COOL FLOW

3M™ Versaflo™ TR-315E Powered Air Respirator Starter Kit

Combines performance, protection and functionality with modern, stylish, lightweight design and unrivaled comfort. 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-315E Starter Kit is a lightweight, versatile respiratory protective system for environments with hazardous dust and mist. KIT COMPLET VERSAFLO TR-300+EU plug

Moldex™ Respirator Fit Test Kit

Allows employers to manage their own fit testing requirements RESPIRATOR FIT TEST KIT COMPRISING OF 2 Xnebulizers, 1 x test hood, 1 x 50mL bottle Bitrex

Sperian™ Honeywell™ 2000 Comfort Series Respirators

With an ergonomic design to deliver outstanding levels of comfort and adjustment. Sperian™ Honeywell™ 2000 Comfort Series Respirators have a cut-out shape to provide excellent compatibility with goggles. X20 RESPIRATOR FOLD-FLAT 2211 FFP2V WITH VALVE

3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Helmets


3M™ Head Harness Assemblies

This assembly is designed to be used with the 3M™ Half Facepiece Respirators 7501, 7502 and 7503. X5 7581 Head Harness Assembly - for 7500 Series Half Masks

3M™ Helmet Guards


3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600 PAPR Accessory, Filter

3M Versaflo™ TR-600 PAPR Accessory, Filter is used with 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600 series air purifying device. 3M Versaflo TR-6110E A1P

3M™ Particulate Filter 2128, P2 R, 1 pair

3M™ Particulate Filters 2128 offer P2 R protection against solid and liquid particles, vapours, as and ozone X10 PAIR CARTRIDGE P2+ORG/AV 2000 SERIES

Cole-Parmer™ North Half-Mask Respirator

North Half-Mask Respirators

3M™ Comfort Bands


3M™ Adapters