Lab Coats, Aprons and Apparel

Buerkle™ Chemical Resistant Plastic PVC Apron

Manufactured of polyvinyl chloride. BRAND™ Chemical Resistant PVC Apron includes eyelets, neck band and waist band welded into the apron. Reinforced fabric and construction is industry quality. Chemical Resistant Plastic PVC Apron

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Polypropylene Disposable Lab Coats with Elastic Cuffs

Latex-free spunbond polypropylene construction lab ware X25 Basic PP Lab Coat White size 3XL

Logistik Unicorp™ Faithful White 100% Cotton Lab Coats

Protect those working in the lab with a Logistik Unicorp™ Faithful White Cotton Lab Coat. The white coat comes in four unisex sizes, is not CE marked and conforms to Howie report guidelines. LABCOAT HOWIE,COTTON,WHITE 116CM

Ansell Edmont™ Heavy-Duty PVC Apron

Heavy-duty PVC apron featuring an added stomach patch for extended wear. Ansell Edmont™ Heavy-Duty PVC Apron is made with 20 mil vinyl. PVC Apron, 45 inch -White

Blue Box Socks™ Disposable Socks

200 PAIR Socks Blue box disposable, unisex 30%

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Polypropylene White Lab Coats

Single-use lab coats provide economical, lightweight and breathable protection X30 White PP lab coat 3 pockets size S

Fisherbrand™ Protective Polyethylene Sleeve Covers

Disposable general purpose sleeves X200 PE sleeve, blue, Length 46 cm

Pal International™ Polypropylene Mob Caps

Simple but effective hair covering provides the ideal barrier protection in a wide range of environments. Pal International™ Polypropylene Mob Caps are made of soft, comfortable, thermally-bonded polypropylene fiber with an encapsulated double-elastic edge. X1000 Mob cap Pal light polypropylene blue (case

Logistik™ Howie-Style Unisex White Laboratory Coats with Knitted Cuffs

Includes two lower pockets. Logistik Unicorp™ Howie-Style Unisex White Laboratory Coats with Knitted Cuffs feature a wrapover style stud fastened front for extra frontal protection. Coat Faithful 441YH-V6WH-XL unisex Howie stylestudded front laboratory 245gsm Polyester/Cotton

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Anti-Static Shoe Covers

Conductive carbon strip helps eliminate static buildup X300 PE+PP shoe cover with conductive strip, blue, universal

Logistik Unicorp™ Laboratory Coat

Protects clothing while in the laboratory. Logistik™ Laboratory Coat is EN1303 certified. Laboratory coat chemical splash, CE marked, EN1303

3M™ Disposable Protective Overshoe Covers 443

The 3M™ Disposable Overshoe covers 442 are disposable shoe covers designed to provide basic barrier protection to help protect footwear against light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. 442 Over Shoes White Standard(Pack of 100)

3M™ White Disposable Visitor Lab Coats, Series 4400

Use for hygiene applications. The 3M Disposable Visitor Lab Coats series is made from lightweight polypropylene. X50 Polypropylene Visitor Lab Coat 4400W4 White Size 4XL

Logistik™ Women's Fitted Polycotton Laboratory Coats

Includes three pockets. Logistik™ Women's Fitted Polycotton Laboratory Coats are used for a range of applications and gives the wearer optimum comfort with its gently contoured fit. Coat Davern WC20 Ladies 107cms long stud cuffs 3

Fisherbrand™ Advanced Protection Disposable Facemasks

Provides convenient protection X500 Face mask PP white 3-ply with loops

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional THE LITE ONE™ Surgical Mask

Features a protective three-layer construction for adequate protection when exposure to blood or bodily fluids is not a risk. X300 Face mask Kimtech Science pleated, protective

DuPont™ Tychem 6000 F Sleeves

Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tychem™ 6000 F Sleeves come with stitched and over-taped seams for protection and strength. X50 Tychem 6000 F Sleeve One Size grey

Logistik™ Unisex Cotton Laboratory Coats

Combine professionalism and function with Logistik™ Unisex Cotton Laboratory Coats. Available in sizes small through 2XL, the coats are all cotton, unisex.and feature a back vent for a comfortable fit. Coat Faithful 222-C1WH unisex 105cm long coat twolower pockets, stud front with rear vent and one

Logistik™ Howie-Style Unisex Light Blue Laboratory Coats with Knitted Cuffs

Manufactured in hardwearing polycotton. Logistik Unicorp™ Howie-Style Unisex Light Blue Laboratory Coats with Knitted Cuffs feature knitted cuffs. Coat Faithful 441YH-T3BS-3XL unisex Howie style

Honeywell™ Mont-Blanc S3 Safety Shoes


Pal International™ CPE Fabric Overshoes

Made from high quality embossed polyethylene providing strength and grip on slippery floors.┬áPal International™ CPE Overshoes are elasticised at the ankle ensuring a good fit and offering protection for floors and footwear in a range of industries. X2000 Overshoe Pal 14 inch red (case of 2K)

3M™ Disposable Overboot Covers 450

The 450 disposable overboot covers from 3M are disposable accessories designed to provide basic barrier protection to help protect footwear against light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. X200 Boot covers with slip-resistant solesLaminate (100 pairs)

3M™ Disposable Protective Lab Coat, Series 4440

Offers a barrier against non-hazardous particles and liquid splashes. The 3M Disposable Protective Lab Coat is anti-static treated and can be used in light duty applications. X50 4440 Lab Coat W/ zipper white Size 4XL

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable High Tack Shoe Covers

High tack, disposable shoe covers provide superior protection X300 High tack shoe cover, blue, XL

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Shoe Covers

Spunbond polypropolyene shoe covers protect against dirt, grime and certain dry particulates X300 SPP shoe cover, with thread, blue, universal

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Bouffants/Hair Cover


Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech Pure™ M3 Sterile Pouch Face Masks

Recommended for Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments X200 Face mask KIMTECH PUREcontrolled environment

Dupont™ Tychem™ 2000 C Boot cover

Knee-length slip-retardant overboot with ties and elastic offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. X50 Tychem 2000 C Boot cover One Size yellow

Pal International™ Non-woven Fabric Beard Masks

Soft spun-bond nonwoven fabric construction. Pal International™ Non-Woven Fabric Beard Masks hygienic masks have soft elastic ear-loops offering comfortable and effective barrier protection. X1000 Beard mask Pal spun bonded polyprop blue

Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 2500 Standard Overshoes

Offers exceptional mechanical strength, liquid and particulate protection. Ansell Edmont™ Microgard™ 2500 Standard Overshoes covers shoes to the ankle. X350 PAIRS Microgard 2500-WHITE STD OVERSHOES 400.42-46