Cell Based Assays

Molecular Probes™ Metabolic Activity Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with C12 Resazurin, Annexin V APC, and SYTOX™ Green, for flow cytometry

Vybrant™ Apoptosis Assay Kit #10 - allophycocyanin annexin V/C12-resazurin/SYTOX™ Green - 50 assays VYBRANT APOPTOSIS ASSAY KIT #allophycocyanin annexin

Molecular Probes™ pHrodo™ Red Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Conjugate

pHrodo™ Red Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Conjugate 20UG pHrodo Red Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)Conjugate

Abnova™ Glutathione Peroxidase Assay Kit

Glutathione Peroxidase Assay Kit is used for measuring glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity. 1SET Glutathione Peroxidase Assay Kit

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ BODIPY™ FL Prazosin

Localize and detect the a1-adrenergic receptor BODIPY(R) FL PRAZOSINPrazosin is a high-affinity antagonist for the

Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit, for in vitro diagnostic use

Annexin V staining, paired with 7-AAD or PI is widely used to identify apoptotic stages by flow cytometry. 20TEST Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit 20 tests

Molecular Probes™ Fura-2, AM, FluoroPure™ grade - Special Packaging

Fura-2, AM, FluoroPure™ grade - Special Packaging X20 Fura-2, am 20X Fluoropure(tm) 50µg store atBecause it is manufactured at our ISO

Alfa Aesar™ N-Acetyl-Ile-Glu-Thr-Asp-7-amino-4-(trifluoromethyl)coumarin

5MG N-Acetyl-Ile-Glu-Thr-Asp-7-amino-4-(trifluoromethyl)coumarin 5mg

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ BacLight™ Bacterial Viability Kit, for microscopy & quantitative assays

LIVE/DEAD™ BacLight™ Bacterial Viability Kit, for microscopy & quantitative assays LIVE/DEAD(R) BACLIGHT(TM)microscopy and quAntitative assays

R&D Systems™ TACS-XL In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kits

A TUNEL assay designed for fixed cells, embedded tissue, and frozen tissue using light and electron microscopy TACS-XL - DAB, 30 TESTS

Molecular Probes™ Fluo-4 Calcium Imaging Kit

Fluo-4 Calcium Imaging Kit Fluo-4 Calcium Imaging Kit

Abnova™ Caspase Staining Kit (Red)

Caspase Staining Kit (Red) is used for sensitive detection of activated caspases in living cells with sulfo-rhodamine. 1SET Caspase Staining Kit (Red)

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System

For in-vitro modification of O-GlcNAc modified proteins O-GLCNAC ENZYMATIC LABELING SYSTEM CLICKIT(TM)kit VXC33368 DDNSA # days = 210 CDNSA # days =

Alfa Aesar™ Endotoxin Inhibitor

1MG Endotoxin Inhibitor

Alfa Aesar™ Biotinyl-Phe-Ala-Asp fluoromethyl ketone

5MG Biotinyl-Phe-Ala-Asp fluoromethyl ketone 5mg

MIF Antagonist, ISO-1

A cell-permeable isoxazoline compound 25MG MIF Antagonist, ISO-1

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ EdU Alexa Fluor™ 594 HCS Assay

Superior alternative to traditional proliferation assays CLICK EDU ALEXA 594 2PLATE

Alfa Aesar™ Margatoxin, 99+%

0,1MG Margatoxin, 99+%

R&D Systems™ PARP Universal Colorimetric Assay Kit

Measures the activity of Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase (PARP) in cells and tissues by detecting the incorporation of biotinylated Poly (ADP-ribose) (PAR) onto histone proteins coating a 96-stripwell microplate PARP UNIV COLOR ASSAY KIT, 96 TESTS

Molecular Probes™ Fluo-3, AM, cell permeant

Fluo-3, AM, cell permeant FLUO-3, AM 1 MM SOLUTIONml

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ BODIPY™ FL ATP-γ-S, Thioester (Adenosine 5'-O-(3-Thiotriphosphate), BODIPY™ FL Thioester, Sodium Salt)

BODIPY FL fluorophore linked through the γ-thiol of ATP-γ ADENOSINE 5'-O-(3-THIOTRIbuffer*, 50 µl

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ BacMam GFP Transduction Control (BacMam 2.0)

Important part of the enhanced BacMam technology 1 ML BACMAM GFP TRANSDUCTION CONTROL, BACMAM 2.01mL Store in cold room (2 to 8 C) in Dark/Protect

Abnova™ Apoptotic DNA Ladder Isolation Kit

Provides an easy and sensitive means for detecting DNA fragmentation in apoptotic cells. The extracted apoptotic DNA ladder fragments can be easily visualized by agarose gel electrophoreses. 1SET Apoptotic DNA Ladder Isolation Kit

Molecular Probes™ Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V Alexa Fluor™ 488 & Propidium Iodide (PI)

Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit with Annexin V Alexa Fluor™ 488 & Propidium Iodide (PI) DEAD CELL APOPTOSIS KIT WITH ANNEXIN V ALEXAFluor 488 &, propidium iodide (PI) - 250 assays

Abnova™ Annexin V-EGFP Apoptosis Kit

Annexin V-EGFP Apoptosis Kit is used for apoptosis detection. 1SET Annexin V-EGFP Apoptosis Kit

Alfa Aesar™ Compound E

0,5MG Compound E

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Protease Assay Kit, green fluorescence, 100 to 1000 assays

Continuously measure protease kinetics 1 SET PROTEASE ASSAY KIT 00 STORE AT -20°C

Alfa Aesar™ Sphingosine-1-phosphate

5MG Sphingosine-1-phosphate

BD Blue Live Cell Caspase Probe

Cells with active caspases can be detected. BD Pharmingen™ Blue Live Cell Caspase Probe contains a fluorochrome-labeled caspase inhibitor. Fluorochrome-labeled caspase inhibitors have three functional domains: fluorochrome , 3-amino acid sequence (VAD) that binds to the active site of the activated caspase, and fluoromethyl ketone (FMK) moiety that allows the probe to irreversibly bind the active caspase. Blue Live Cell CASP Probe 50Tst

Alfa Aesar™ Calpain Inhibitor IV

1MG Calpain Inhibitor IV

Quickfit™ Glass Stirrer Shaft