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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Glycoprotein Isolation Kit, ConA

Purify glycoproteins from serum and cell lysates using affinity resins or kits with concanavilin A (ConA) or wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) lectins.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 89804

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Additional Details : Weight : 0.10000kg Transport : UN number : 3261 Chem class : 8 Pack group : III

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These two kits use lectins concanavilin A (ConA) and wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), respectively, as ligands to bind specific classes of glycoproteins from complex protein samples. ConA lectin recognizes alpha-linked mannose and terminal glucose residues, while WGA lectin selectively binds to N-Acetyl glucosamine (GlcNAc) groups and to sialic acid. The kits include ConA or WGA beaded agarose resin, optimized binding/wash and elution buffers, and easy-to-use microcentrifuge spin columns. The kits have been used to successfully isolate glycoproteins from serum as well as HeLa and CHO cell lysates in approximately 50 minutes.

Glycosylation is a post-translational modification that plays an important role in biological functions, including immune regulation, inflammation, cell-to-cell adhesion and cell signaling. Asparagine (N-linked) and serine/threonine residues (O-linked) are glycosylated during passage through the endoplasmic reticulum and golgi apparatus in eukaryotic and prokaryotic (i.e., Archaea and Eubacteria) systems. Glycoconjugates are important for immune regulation, inflammation, cell-to-cell adhesion and contact inhibition, cell signaling, protection against proteolytic degradation, and other biological processes.


  • High recovery – equivalent or greater glycoprotein recovery than the kits and lectin resins of other suppliers

  • Fast – glycoprotein purification in less than one hour

  • Versatile – isolate glycoproteins from various sample types; e.g., human serum and cell lysate

  • Robust – lectin does not leach from resin when processing sample

  • Convenient – complete kits include lectin resins and spin columns with all necessary reagents

  • Compatible with Bradford-based protein assays – dialysis or protein precipitation of recovered glycoproteins is not required prior to protein assay


ConA or WGA beaded agarose resin (1.1mL), binding/wash buffer, elution buffer, and microcentrifuge spin columns and accessories.



Agarose Resin, Affinity
Pierce Glycoprotein Isolation Kit, ConA
Sufficient For: Isolating glycoproteins with strong affinity for ConA from 10 samples of up to 640 µL (1 to 1.5 mg total protein) each
• ConA Lectin Resin, 1.1 mL
• Binding/Wash Buffer (5X), 6.5 mL
• Elution Buffer, 5 mL
• Spin Columns, 10 columns
• Collection Tubes, 20 tubes

Store at 4°C.
Kit, Microcentrifuge, Spin Column