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Thermo Scientific™ TurboLuc™ Luciferase One-Step Glow Assay Kit

Measure TurboLuc™16 (Tluc16) luciferase activity in mammalian cells with a single reagent-addition step that is for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications using the Thermo Scientific™ TurboLuc™ Luciferase One-Step Glow Assay Kit.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 88263

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The Thermo Scientific TurboLuc Luciferase One-Step Glow Assay Kit measures TurboLuc16 (Tluc16) luciferase activity in mammalian cells with a single reagent-addition step, making it ideal for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications.

  • Sensitive - extremely bright, Tluc16 luciferase allows detection at a single copy per cell
  • Increased dynamic range - optimized reagents result in higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Stable signal - less than 40% signal loss over 60 min duration
  • Convenient - one-step, mix-and-read, scalable protocol
  • Automation-friendly - amenable to HTS protocols
  • Simple - does not require a luminometer with injectors
This glow-type luciferase assay kit is designed for use with cultured mammalian cells expressing the Tluc16 luciferase reporter enzyme. Tluc16 is a 16 kDa, novel intracellular luciferase derived from the marine copedod Metridia luciferase family. The wild type luciferase has been modified to reduce its size, increase its brightness, enable its intracellular expression, and optimize it for HTS. A series of vectors with and without promoters are available for expression of Tluc16 luciferase reporter in mammalian cells.
Several features of the TurboLuc Luciferase One-Step Glow Assay Kit make it suitable for luminometers without injectors and for HTS applications. The convenient, one-step, homogenous protocol minimizes handling steps to support the use of automation. Simply combine the supplied substrate solution and assay buffer to make a single working solution, and then add it to microplate containing the transfected, treated cells. The stable signal output (glow enzyme kinetics) of this system provides flexibility with regard to lead time before read. When used with Thermo Scientific TurboLuc 16 luciferase vectors, the kit provides a highly sensitive bioluminescent reporter assay system for the detection of promoter or pathway activity.
Tluc16 luciferase assay system and luminometer or other instrument capable of monitoring luminescence, such as Thermo Scientific Luminoskan™ Ascent and Varioskan™ Flash microplate readers.
  • Gene reporter assays
  • Promoter studies for analyzing cis- and trans-acting regulatory elements
  • Drug screening
  • Multiplexed assays to study off-target effects
  • Cell signaling or signal transduction pathway analysis