Glass Tubing Accessories

Bochem™ Glass Cutter with Plastic Handle and Tungsten Carbide Blade

Cuts glass. BOCHEM™ Glass Cutter with Plastic Handle and Tungsten Carbide Blade can cut glass in a variety of settings. GLASS CUTTER

Quickfit™ PTFE Screwthread Washers

Secure screwcaps to glass screwthreads. QuickFit™ screwthread washers for QuickFit™ screwthreads ensure that the cap fits correctly. Washers come in a variety of sizes. X10 Washer PTFE 6.0 to 11.5mm 24mm thread size

Quickfit™ Borosilicate Glass Sintered Dip Tube for Dreschel Bottle

Disperse gas into bubbles with QuckFit™ sintered boroscilicate glass tubes designed to fit a range of QuickFit™ Deschel bottles. Tubes come in a variety of porosity for fine control over bubble size. Bottle head dreschel scintered for 500mL bottle borosilicate glass porosity 1 24/29 cone

Bochem™ Glass Tube Cutters

Includes hard metal wheel. Bochem Glass Tube Cutters accommodates a range of diameters. HARD METAL WHEEL FOR 6695Z

Kartell™ Lining for Glass Tapers

Constructed of PTFE for high temperature and chemical resistance. Kartell™ Lining for Glass Tapers are specially designed to prevent machined glass joints from binding. x10 Lining for glass tapers, PTFE, NS45/40