Filter Holders and Hardware

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Manifold

Allow for easy funnel manipulation with the widely spaced funnels of this vacuum manifold. This stable benchtop unit is made of high quality stainless steel. MANIFOLD VAKUM SS3 PLACEVABLE

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Filter Funnel Adapter

Use this bulk-packed version of funnel adapters included with 145- and 147-series analytical test filter funnels in high throughput QC testing laboratories. X25 145 FUN ADP,BK

Kimble™ Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Solvent Filtration Solvent Pick-up Adapter

Converts Ultra-Ware filtration assemblies for inline filtration/degassing applications Pickup adapter Kimble solvent with 1/4 inch O.D.PTFE tubing

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polycarbonate Filling Bell

Transfer sterile media aseptically from large containers to small media bottles or culture vessels using the Thermo Scientifc™ Nalgene™ Polycarbonate Filling Bell. FILLING BELL PC

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Manifold

Widely spaced outlets permit easy funnel manipulation Filter Manifold Stopcock

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels

Replace #7 or #8 stoppers in any manifold or filtering flask with the Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Nalgeneâ„¢ Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels. X6 TPE REDUCER 28 - 40 MM

R&L Enterprises™ Nickel Plated Brass Vacuum Pump

Evacuates a 1L system to 200mbar in 40 seconds (water supply at 170kPa, consumption 3.5L). R&L Enterprises™ Nickel Plated Brass Vacuum Pumps do not require a tail pipe. Filter pump nickel plated brass

Kontes™ Ultra-Ware™ Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support (90mm)

Designed for large sample volumes or samples with high particulate loads that would tend to clog a 47 mm diameter filter FUNNEL/SUPPORT ASSY 90MM

EMD Millipore Replacement Parts for Swinnex™ Filter Holders

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X100 Gaskets Swinnex silicone 25mm (pack of 100)

EMD Millipore ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System Replacement Parts and Accessories: 90mm Diameter

Designated by the US EPA as a suitable apparatus for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) FILTER HOLDER QUICK DISCONNECT FEMALESwagelok 1/4in NPT for zero head space extractor

EMD Millipore 47mm Hydrosol™ Stainless-Steel Vacuum Filter Replacement Parts


EMD Millipore EZ-Fit™ Vacuum Manifolds


EMD Millipore 90mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holder

Vacuum filter aqueous, organic, or corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis FILTER HOLDER KIT GLASS 90MM

EMD Millipore Replacement Parts for 90mm Glass Filter Holder

Replacement parts for 90mm All-glass filter holder X10 Filter gasket (pack of 10)

EMD Millipore Accessories for Dispensing Pressure Vessels

Accessory for use with Dispensing Pressure Vessels XX6700L11 1/4NPTM HOSE CONNECTOR SST 2PK

EMD Millipore 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Designed to support bacteriological analysis and analysis of particulates in water and other fluids. EMD Millipore 47mm Glass Vacuum Filter Holders include a glass funnel and base, aluminum clamp and silicone stopper. Available with PTFE-coated sealing surfaces or a stainless steel filter support. FILTER HOLDER VACUUM GLASS INC FUNNEL BASE STOPPERclamp

EMD Millipore Replacement Parts for Stainless-Steel 13 and 25mm Filter Holders

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe X10 SUPPORT SCRN TEFLON GASKT

EMD Millipore Stainless-Steel 13 and 25mm Filter Holders

Ultraclean or sterilize small volumes dispensed by syringe FILTER HOLDER MICROSYRINGE STYLE LUER INLET 25MM

EMD Millipore Replacement Parts for Sterifil™ Aseptic System

Replacement parts for Sterifil aseptic system FUNNEL STERIFIL POLYSULFONE

EMD Millipore All-Glass Filter Holder, 47mm

Vacuum filter aqueous, organic, or corrosive liquids for particulate or biological contamination analysis. EMD Millipore All-Glass Filter Holder, 47mm is a complete assembly constructed entirely of borosilicate glass with an aluminum clamp. Recommended for HPLC solvent filtration. FILTER HOLDER VACUUM GLASS WITH FRITTED GLASSsupport funnel 300mL

EMD Millipore Microfil™ Funnels

Available in different colors X150 MICROFIL 250 & EZ PACK

EMD Millipore 142mm Hazardous Waste Filter System Replacement Parts

X4 O-ring Millipore for hazardous waste filtration

EMD Millipore 47mm Hydrosol™ Stainless-Steel Vacuum Filter Holder

For particulate or biological contamination analysis via vacuum filtration FILTER HOLDER VACUUM ANALYTICAL HYDROSOL STAINLESSsteel funnel 650mL stopper fits 1L flask

EMD Millipore 142mm Hazardous Waste Pressure Filter System

Separates solid and liquid phases of waste samples FILTER HOLDER HAZARDOUS WASTE FILTRATIONsystem 142mm diameter

EMD Millipore Stainless-Steel Accessories

For filtration of gases or liquids at inlet pressures of 20 to 700 bar SPARES 6 X INLET/OUTLET ADAPTER 6 Xadpter o-ring 6 x hex screw cap 6 x inner o-ring

EMD Millipore Accessories for ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System

Accessories for use with ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System ADAPTER FOR ZHE TEDLAR BAG USE WITHzero head space extractor

EMD Millipore Microfil™ Filtration System

Convenient filtration system uses presterilized funnels and membranes on lever-action filtration support M FIL STAND ALONE SUPPORT

EMD Millipore Filter Holder Vacuum Manifolds

Provide vacuum support for simultaneous filtration of either three or six test samples 3 PLACE SST HYD MANF ALUM LEGS