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The heritage of GE Healthcare Life Sciences stretches back more than 250 years. Since then, our tools for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and life science research have had an impact on the lives of millions. James Whatman dedicated his life to the manufacture of high-quality paper. The Whatman filter was pivotal in chromatography work that led to the 1952 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Meanwhile, other filtration techniques led to the discovery of Sephadex. Who could have guessed that it would have been the springboard to so many innovations in the life sciences industry?

Today, most biopharmaceuticals are manufactured using products that can trace their heritage back to Sephadex. Since the beginning, Amersham products have led the way in biomolecular labeling, detection and imaging — enabling breakthroughs in science and medicine, such as the human genome project. GE Healthcare Life Sciences is committed to carrying on this tradition of innovation and developing tools that help scientists make a positive difference in our world.

Protein Research

Pure proteins today. Powerful results tomorrow.

We offer a large range of chromatography media to purify proteins using manual methods or automated chromatography systems. Our tools cover a variety of prepacked formats for convenient protein purification such as gravity columns, spin columns, 96-well plates, as well as prepacked columns for use with automated chromatography systems.


ÄKTA start offers the following features:

  • Compact solution for quick and reliable one-step protein purification
  • Sample injection and fraction collection options
  • Quick start methods and templates for common purification techniques
  • Intuitive touchscreen display and real-time monitoring

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Western Blotting

Innovative solutions designed to meet your specific protein analysis needs.

Amersham Western blotting products provide solutions to suit your needs.

Cell Culture

Let GE Healthcare help you find the cell culture solutions that meet your needs. HyClone™ serum, media, buffers and process liquids products have been meeting the needs of research, drug discovery, and bioproduction customers since 1967.

HyClone™ Classical and Serum-Free Media »

Culture cells using our complete line of HyClone™ classical, specialty and transfection media products that support cell growth of CHO, SF9, HEK293, hybridoma, myeloma, insect, NS0 and viral vaccine cell lines.

HyClone™ Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Calf Serum, Fetal Bovine Serum Alternatives, and Supplements »

Enhance cell culture performance using a variety of HyClone™ supplements, including Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), calf serum, engineered serum (FetalClone™ 1, 2, 3) and serum-free supplements (HyClone™ Cell Boost 1-6).

HyClone™ Antibiotics and Reagents »

Separate attachment-dependent cells from substrate or reduce the effect of bacteria, mold or yeast contaminants in your cell culture process.

HyClone™ Stem Cell Products »

Grow stem cells with ease using our specialty line of stem cell products tailored to optimize cell culture performance for a variety of stem cells including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), mesenchymal stem cells (mSC), human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and epithelial stem cells.

HyClone™ Buffers and Process Liquids »

Manage, control and regulate pH, temperature, osmotic pressure, carbon dioxide and oxygen for your specific cell culture.

DNA and RNA Research


Purify. Simplify. Amplify.
Fresh, simple, for a confident beginning

Your DNA and RNA samples are precious and must be prepared correctly to deliver consistent, reproducible results. illustra from GE Healthcare supports you in the routine tasks so that all your energy can go into achieving your goals.

illustra from GE Healthcare offers a portfolio of amplification and purification products that are fast, easy-to-use, and developed by expert nucleic acid scientists who understand your needs.

illustra nucleic acid amplification

  • Phi29 DNA polymerase : Fast and simple DNA amplification—without thermocycling 
  • illustra TempliPhi and illustra GenomiPhi DNA Amplification Kits

illustra TempliPhi DNA Amplification Kits : prepare DNA directly from plasmid or fosmid glycerol stocks or colonies

illustra GenomiPhi DNA Amplification Kits : easy-to-use method that delivers highly representative and reliable whole genome amplification

illustra Single Cell GenomiPhi DNA amplification kit : robustly amplifies genomic DNA from as little as 1 to 1000 cells without interference from non specific amplification

  • Instant and reliable PCR mixes with Ready-To-Go™ Beads convenience

PuReTaq™ Ready-To-Go PCR Beads, for standard PCR

Hot Start Mix Ready-To-Go PCR Beads, for high-specificity amplification

Ready-To-Go RT-PCR Beads, for amplification from RNA templates

RAPD Analysis Ready-To-Go Beads, for rapid detection of genomic polymorphisms

  • Independent reagents for flexible method development

Taq DNA polymerase (cloned)
illustra PCR Grade Nucleotides

illustra post-PCR clean-up

  • illustra ExoProStar™ and illustra ExoProStar 1-Step : optimized for high performance in your specific application. Supplied with prepacked columns
  • illustra™ GFX™ PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kit, for flexible, fast purification
  • illustra GFX 96 PCR Purification Kit, for rapid purification of multiple samples
Whatman™ Filtration

GE Healthcare's Life Sciences Whatman™ brand products are manufactured from high-purity raw materials, and our factories all operate to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We help you provide the right filter your specific application, whether you are using one of our glass papers, syringe filters, or other Whatman products, you can count on GE to understand that quality matters. 

Find the right GE Whatman Filter for your research

Puradisc syringe filter

  • Basic, dependable single membrane layer filter
  • Available in 9 different membrane types and 3 different pore sizes to work for samples of many chemical compositions and volumes

Whatman GD/X™ syringe filter

  • Used for heavy, thick, or viscous hard to filter samples
  • Multi-gradient glass fiber layer pre-filters large particles which increases flow rate and volume through the main membrane

GD/XP syringe filter

  • Used for heavy, thick, or viscous samples with low protein binding and low metals extractables
  • Polypropylene pre-filtration stack provides increased flow rate and volume flow through while eliminating protein binding and inorganic ion extractables that could come from glass fiber pre-filtration 


  • Every batch is tested and certified for HPLC use to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and low levels of UV-absorbing substances
  • Regenerated cellulose membrane exhibits very low protein binding and low levels of extractables in water, methanol, and acetonitrile


  • Recommended for use in Ion Chromatography 
  • Alumina based Anopore membrane has very low ion extractables and highly uniform capillary pore structure

Mini-UniPrep™ (MUP)

  • Designed for HPLC and uHPLC autosamplers to support high throughput testing labs
  • Combines syringe, syringe filter, autosampler vial, cap, and septum in a single device for increased efficiency in consumable management

MiniUniPrep (MUP) G2

  • Designed for HPLC and UHPLC autosamplers to support high throughput testing labs requiring low levels of organic leachables
  • Same design as MUP but a borosilicate glass vial reduces leachables that could come from plastics

Cellulose fibre - quantitative

  • Low ash filters in support gravimetric and other weight based analyses
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, retention sizes, and surface treatments to support specific applications

Cellulose fibre - qualitative

  • High purity cotton filters support sample separation, clarification, and purification in advance of analysis
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, retention sizes, and physical preparations to support specific applications

Glass and quartz fiber

  • The ability to capture very small particles supports environmental analysis and other applications requiring high retention rates
  • Available with a range of particle retention sizes, mechanical strengths, and thermal stabilities to support specific applications

Key Products

Syringe Filters

  • Puradisc
  • Whatman GD/X™
  • GD/XP syringe filter
  • Anotop™
  • Mini-UniPrep™ (MUP) G & G2

Filter papers, and glass/quartz fibers

  • Cellulose fibre – quantitative
  • Cellulose fibre – qualitative
  • Glass and quartz fiber

GE Healthcare Papel filtro para análisis cuantitativo de grado 41

Se utiliza para el análisis cuantitativo de la contaminación del aire como cinta de papel para la impregnación al determinar compuestos gaseosos a altos caudales o para análisis cuantitativo de la contaminación del aire. Los círculos para papel de filtro cuantitativo Whatman™: grado 41 se suelen utilizar en la preparación de muestras para el análisis de metales después de la digestión de ácido nítrico. X100 PAPEL FILTRO GR41 240MM

GE Healthcare Columnas de desalinización desechables PD-10

Se utilizan para la desalinización e intercambio de tampones, así como para la eliminación de compuestos de bajo peso molecular. Las columnas de desalinización GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PD-10 desechables proporcionan una recuperación elevada y rápida. X30 COLUMN PD 10

GE Healthcare Reactivo de detección de inmunotransferencia (Western blotting) Amersham™ ECL™ Prime

Permita el uso de anticuerpos primarios y secundarios muy diluidos sin reducir la sensibilidad con este reactivo de detección. El reactivo de detección de Western blotting GE Healthcare Lifescience™ Amersham™ ECL™ Prime produce una sensibilidad e intensidad de señal elevadas. X3 AMERSHAM ECL PRIME, CHEMILUMINESCENT WESTERNblotting detection reagent 3mLStore in Fridge at

HyClone™ Dulbecco's Modified Eagles Medium

Designed to support cell culture growth and biomanufacturing processes. 1000ML DMEM HIGH GLUCOSE1000ml

GE Healthcare Filtros de microfibra de vidrio sin aglutinante, círculos GF/F

Recomendados por la EPA cuando el procedimiento de lixiviación característico de la toxicidad 1311 se ha desarrollado. Los círculos de GF/F de filtro de microfibra de vidrio sin aglutinantes Whatman™ siguen siendo un componente importante y popular para medir la composición de los lixiviados de vertederos con una prueba de TCLP. X25 FIBRA DE VIDRIO GF/F 150MM

Anticuerpo secundario (de oveja) conjugado con peroxidasa para unión con anticuerpo primario de ratón, GE Healthcare

IgG antirratón muy específico de la especie.  El anticuerpo secundario (de oveja) conjugado con peroxidasa para unión con IgG antirratón GE Healthcare Lifescience™ se ha diseñado para aplicaciones como transferencia de proteínas, ELISA e inmunocitoquímica. MOUSE HRP LINKED 100UL

GE Healthcare Papel de cromatografía Chr de 3 mm

Fabricado completamente con línter de algodón de alta calidad sin aditivos y se ha probado específicamente para técnicas de cromatografía. El papel de cromatografía Whatman™ Grade Chr de 3 mm garantiza la capacidad de absorción y la uniformidad de la acción capilar, ambas importantes en las separaciones de productos químicos. X100 PAPEL BLOT 3MMCHR 35X43CM

Suero fetal bovino HyClone™ (EE. UU.), caracterizado

Se utiliza como suplemento de suero para el cultivo celular in vitro de células eucariotas 100ML SERUM FETAL BOVINE

GE Healthcare Reactivo de detección de Western blotting Amersham™ ECL Select™

Se utiliza como reactivo de alta sensibilidad para la detección de Western Blotting quimioluminiscente. El reactivo de detección de Western blotting GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ ECL Select™ proporciona una salida de señal muy intensa, para la detección de niveles medios a muy bajos de proteínas. WB DETECTION REAGENT KIT, ECL SELECT, HIGH SENSITIvity chemiluminescent substrate for1000cm2 of

GE Healthcare Membranas de nitrocelulosa Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC: rodillos

Se utilizan para obtener los mejores resultados con aplicaciones de detección de Western Blotting. Las membranas de nitrocelulosa GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC admitidas: rollos ofrecen una excelente sensibilidad, resolución y fondo bajo. X1 Amersham Protran Premium 0.45um Nitrocellulose150mm x 4m roll

GE Healthcare Bandejas de pesaje Kjeldahl

Diseñadas para recoger, transferir y colocar la muestra y la navecilla de pesaje en la solución de ácido durante un análisis Kjeldahl sin influir en los resultados analíticos. Las navecillas de pesaje para análisis Kjeldahl Whatman™ son excelentes para pesaje y transferencia de muestras cuantitativa. X100 PLATILLO PESADA KJELDAHL

HyClone™ Penicillin Streptomycin 100X Solution

Used to control/destroy destructive microorganisms such as bacteria 100ML SOLUCION DE PENICILINA STREP

Whatman™ Filtros de microfibra de vidrio sin aglutinante, Grado GF/C

Combinan una retención de partículas finas con una buena velocidad de caudal. Los filtros de microfibra de vidrio sin aglutinante Whatman™, Grado GF/C son ideales para la recogida de sólidos en suspensión en agua potable y residuos naturales e industriales. GF/C glass fiber filter, circles 185mm, 1/Cs1822-185

GE Healthcare Kit de purificación de banda de gel y ADN para PCR illustra™ GFX™

Purifique y concentre productos de PCR o fragmentos de ADN con un tamaño de 50 bp a 10 kb. El kit de purificación de banda de gel y ADN para PCR GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ illustra™ GFX™ se puede utilizar para purificar ADN a partir de volúmenes de reacción de hasta 100 μl o secciones de gel de agarosa de hasta 900 mg. GFX PCR DNA,GEL BAND PURIF,100

GE Healthcare Papel de filtro para análisis cuantitativo: Círculos de grado 40

Permite el análisis exacto en aplicaciones sensibles a niveles muy bajos de contaminación de fondo. Los círculos para papel de filtro cuantitativo Whatman™: grado 40 son útiles de forma adicional en análisis gravimétrico en los que el contenido de ceniza puede afectar a las mediciones de peso de muestras quemadas. X100 PAPEL FILTRO GR40 125MM

GE Healthcare Papeles indicadores de pH, tiras de CF

Proporciona un valor de pH visual extremadamente claro y exacto mediante el uso de cuatro segmentos diferentes de papeles indicadores impregnados con colorante. Los papeles indicadores de pH, tiras de CF Whatman™ utilizan colorantes que se han unido químicamente al papel y no se pueden filtrar en la solución. X100 PH STRIPS PH4,5 - 10

HyClone™ Fetal Bovine Serum (U.S.), Characterized

U.S.-sourced fetal bovine serum (FBS) tested for endotoxin, hemoglobin, and additional biochemical assays. Characterized Fetal Bovine Serum, US OriginIrradiated and Heat Inactivated

GE Healthcare Uni-Core Manual Punch, 3mm

Achieve easy and cost-effective punching at the quality standards you expect. GE Healthcare Uni-Core Manual Punch product range provides manual punching for Whatman FTA, 903 and DMPK cards. Available in multiple diameters for maximum versatility. X25 Harris UNI-CORE 3.00mm

GE Healthcare Marcadores de peso molecular Rainbow™

Monitorice el progreso de la electroforesis de proteínas y evalúe la eficacia de la transferencia y el peso molecular de las proteínas transferidas sin coloración. Los marcadores de peso molecular GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Rainbow™ utilizan colores brillantes y diferenciados que permiten confirmar más fácilmente la transferencia a las membranas de transferencia y su orientación. LOW RNG MOL WT MARKER RAINBOW

Solución salina tamponada con fosfatos de Dulbecco HyClone™

Cultivo de células en tampón con PBS en solución DPBS 1X -CA MG PR 6X1000ML

GE Healthcare Papel filtro para análisis cualitativo: Círculos de grado 1

Abarca una amplia gama de aplicaciones de laboratorio y con frecuencia se utiliza para la aclaración de líquidos. Los círculos para el papel de filtro cualitativo Whatman™: grado 1 son papeles de filtro de grado estándar muy utilizados en aplicaciones de rutina con tasas de retención y caudales medios. X100 PAPEL FILTRO GR1 32MM

GE Healthcare Medios de centrifugación Percoll™

Para la separación de células, partículas subcelulares y virus grandes (hasta aprox. 70S) en condiciones suaves que preservan la viabilidad y la integridad morfológica. Los medios de centrifugación GE Healthcare™ Percoll™ están compuestos de sílice coloidal revestido con polivinilpirrolidona (PVP). PERCOLL 250ML

GE Healthcare Sistema de cromatografía Akta Start

Sistema de cromatografía fácil de usar que automatiza los procedimientos manuales de purificación.  El sistema de cromatrografía GE Healthcare Akta Start incluye sistema autónomo con caja de accesorios y documentación de usuario. AKTA START - MAIN INSTRUMENT

HyClone™ L-Glutamine

Supplement serum- and protein-free media using this amino acid. 500ML L-GLUTAMINA 200 MM

GE Healthcare Fuente de alimentación para electroforesis EPS 301

Cubre la amplia gama de aplicaciones de transferencia y electroforesis. Se puede confiar en las fuentes de alimentación EPS, diseñadas para el mejor rendimiento, para obtener seguridad y reproducibilidad EPS 301 POWER SUPPLY

GE Healthcare Estándar de proteínas dextrano azul 2000

Determine la fracción de anulación en columnas de filtración en gel de alta resolución BLUE DEXTRAN 2000 10 G

GE Healthcare Filtros de jeringa Puradisc de 25 mm: Estériles

Purifican soluciones acuosas y orgánicas. Los filtros de jeringa Whatman™ Puradisc de 25 mm tienen carcasas de polipropileno con entrada Luer Lock hembra y salida Luer macho. X1000 PURADISC 25 0.45µM POLYETHER

Whatman™ Grade 740E Filter Discs

Meets FDA/WHO antibiotic-assay control disc standards. Whatman™ Grade 740E Filter Discs are thick, highly absorbent paper discs made of high-purity cotton linter for use in antibiotic-assay procedures. X1000 740E 12.7MM

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ ECL

Se utilizan con todos los sistemas quimioluminiscentes de luz azul y verde. GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ ECL se ha fabricado a partir de una base transparente revestida en ambos lados con una emulsión fotográfica que está protegida por una capa antiarañazos. X100 HYPERFILM ECL 8X10 PULGADAS


ÄKTA™ Demo/ Info Request

ÄKTA™ start protein purification system

You won’t believe how easy it is.

From method creation and sample loading to fraction collection and data analysis, we’ve thought about how to make your work easier at every step. Let ÄKTA start transform your manual purification workflow into a convenient automated solution that delivers reproducible results

It’s like having an expert with you all the way.

UNICORN start system control software is user friendly, guiding you through each step in your purification−from creating a protocol and setting up your run to evaluating your results and creating a custom report. See how UNICORN start software saves you time and gives you valuable insight from your run or purification.

ÄKTA start offers the following features:

  • Compact solution for quick and reliable one-step protein purification
  • Sample injection and fraction collection options
  • Quick start methods and templates for common purification techniques
  • Intuitive touchscreen display and real-time monitoring


  • Flow-Rate: 0.5-5mL/min
  • Pump type: Peristaltic pump - single channel, four roller pump head with low pulsation
  • Max. operating pressure: 0.5 Mpa
  • UV, fixed wave length: Yes, 280 nm
  • Conductivity range: 0-300 mS/cm
  • Software: UNICORN start 1.0 or higher